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Published:March 16th, 2006 10:59 EST
A Liason Romance in Italy - Prologue

A Liason Romance in Italy - Prologue

By Garrett Godwin


To the people of Port Charles, Elizabeth Webber was dead, believed to be poisoned by Helena.  However, she was not.  With the aid of Nikolas and her friends, she faked her death to save Lucky from the evil female Cassadine`s control.  Elizabeth knew that in her heart that she would reunite with Lucky as soon as Helena`s downfall was set.  However, before that happens, she must stay dead to protect them both and the ones they love.

Elizabeth went on a private flight in a private jet arranged by Nikolas to anyway, she wants to go.  Her suitcases filled with clothes and everything for her art was packed.

"Where do you want to go, Miss Webber? " said the pilot.
"To Italy", she said.

Elizabeth was buckled up and the jet began to take off.  Italy was the first place Elizabeth she thought of.  When she thought of Italy, she thought of Jason Morgan, her best friend and confidant. 

When she thought of Italy, she thought of the red glass he gave her for Valentine`s Day at the art studio.  Elizabeth remembers it as if it was yesterday.  She has regrets of destroying it after seeing Jason beating Lucky up on the pier, not knowing the truth behind it-- until now.  She even has more regrets of not believing in Jason after everything he has done for her.  Elizabeth also remembered the day Jason left when he offered her to leave Port Charles with him to see the world.  As much as she wanted Jason so much, she loves Lucky still.  Elizabeth wanted to go, but she had to stay in Port Charles-- for Lucky.

Now, she is going to Italy. However, this time, not for Lucky, but rather for herself.  Elizabeth Webber-- and Jason Morgan.