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Published:March 19th, 2006 17:47 EST
A Liason Romance in Italy: Chapter Three

A Liason Romance in Italy: Chapter Three

By Garrett Godwin

Chapter Three

Since he came to Italy, Jason Morgan has never felt freedom when he`s on his motorcycle.  Now that Elizabeth Webber is with him, he has now.  To either one, nothing has change between them.  When on the road, it is only just the two of them riding like the wind.  Jason makes a turn to the dirt road he rides on everyday, and he and Elizabeth continues riding.  The two of them still enjoy the excitement being on the road.  After more than an hour, Jason stops.

"I have missed this for a very long time.", said Elizabeth, still feeling the rush of the ride.

"So have I.", said Jason.  "This is where I come here and get away.  Nothing else to do here for me but just keep riding and never look back."

"That`s good advice-- never look back."

Jason cuts the engine and parks the bike on the road.  He gets off while Elizabeth gets off and takes off the helmet.  The two of them take a walk around the dirt road.

"You`re right about one thing, Jason.", said Elizabeth.  "It is very quiet around here.  You can come here and do more than just ride on your bike.  You can also come here to think.  What do you think about?"

"I think about Sonny, Carly, Michael, Emily, and Grandmother.", Jason answers.  "What do you think about?"

"Besides Lucky, there`s my grams, and my painting."

"How is that, your painting, that is?"

You mean, am I famous yet?  Not even close.", Elizabeth laughs.  "But it is going okay.  I haven`t done it awhile since you left town Port Charles.  Jason, you have been part of the reason that I continue being a reading."

"Thank you, Elizabeth.", Jason compliments.  "But I didn`t help you become a better artist.  Nor help you be the person you are.  You did all of that to yourself."

"Still, I never would become who I am now if it wasn`t for you.  When I thought Lucky died, you made me alive again.  You believe in me more than myself.  You never judge me or lie to me.  Jason, when I`m with you, I can be my true self.  I don`t think anyone knows me the way you do.  No one.  I don`t care what you say.  You save me, Jason."

Jason and Elizabeth stop walking as Jason looks deeply into Elizabeth`s eyes. 

"Elizabeth", he said, "there`s something you need to know."


"When I`m riding, I still think of you and the times we had together.  Before you came here, I was here and I thought about what happened between us at the park before I left."  Jason couldn`t hold anything back anymore.  It`s now or never, he thought.  "You know what you are to me.  You`re more than a friend to me.  Elizabeth, I love you.  I`ve always love you.  I never stop loving you."

Jason moves in and starts to kiss Elizabeth.  This time, Elizabeth didn`t resist.  As he began kissing her, she began kissing him back.  It was sweet yet tender and beautiful.

"Wait, Jason, wait", Elizabeth stops.  "We can`t.  We can`t.  As much as I want you as you want me, we can`t do this.  I love Lucky.  I`m engaged to him, and we`re gonna to get married.  I want to spend my life with him."

"Elizabeth", Jason said, "we both know there is still something between us.  You can`t deny it.  I can`t-- not anymore."

"I know that, Jason.  I still have feelings for you.  You`re more than a friend to me as well.  Jason, I love you.  I love you so much.  When I`m at my studio painting, I`m always thinking of you.  I keep waiting for you to come home and come back to me.  That day, I wanted to leave town with you and see the world.  I want to be with you, Jason.  I want us together, but we can`t.  It`s impossible.  Do you understand?"

"Yes, I understand.", Jason sighs.

"We should go."


Jason and Elizabeth walk back to the bike as they go back to Italy.  But neither one can`t forget their first kiss.  And they won`t because now things have really change.  Nothing will ever be the same ever again.