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Published:March 26th, 2006 18:00 EST
A Liason Romance in Italy - Chapter Five

A Liason Romance in Italy - Chapter Five

By Garrett Godwin

Chapter Five

Before Jason and Elizabeth came back to his apartment, kissed on the sidewalk, and entered, Jason made a few calls to associates of his and Sonny's.  He asks them to have Elizabeth's belongings taken out of her hotel room and put into his apartment.  Jason gave them a spare key.
As they go inside the apartment, Jason and Elizabeth enter the living room where Elizabeth's things are there.

"Looks like we have our work cut out for us,” laughs Elizabeth.
"Yeah, we do," said Jason with a smile.

"So, where am I going to sleep?"

"You can sleep upstairs in my room.  I'll take sleep here and take the couch."


"No arguments, okay?  Besides, the couch has a pullout bed.  I'll manage."

"Are you sure it's no problem?"

"I'm not complaining, am I?"

"No, you're not.  That's what I love about you-- you take things in stride."

"Come on; let's take your bags upstairs."

Jason and Elizabeth grab her suitcases, including her painting supplies, and take them upstairs.  They enter into Jason's bedroom, and on the table is a photograph of Michael, Carly, Sonny, and Jason together on Michael's birthday during his party, which was being held at the penthouse before Jason, left Port Charles.  Elizabeth puts her clothes in the back of his closet where his are in the front.  Her suitcases are in there also, and her painting supplies are on the wall.  Jason and Elizabeth exit the room.

And, Jason shows Elizabeth, "this is the bathroom here."

"So, that completes the tour, huh?” smiles Elizabeth.

"Looks like it."

"Good, because I'm going to take a shower.  It's been a LONG day for me-- both of us especially."

While Jason takes out the pullout bed to get ready to go to bed, Elizabeth takes a warm shower in the bathroom.  She began to think about Jason-- the kiss at the dirt road, then at the sidewalk.  However, it is more than that.  She thinks about his touch during the times they've been together-- both in Port Charles and now in Italy. 

After the shower, Elizabeth went to Jason's room and get dressed for bed.  She then went downstairs and saw Jason sleeping on the couch bed. 

"Jason?  Jason?” said Elizabeth.  "Are you asleep?"
Jason starts to wake up. 

"Elizabeth", he said, "what is it?"

"I'm sorry to awake you, but I don't think I can sleep.”


"Because I want you with me."


"I don't want us to have sex or make love, if that is what you're thinking.  That would be rushing into things.  I just want to lie here next to you.  If I go back upstairs, I'll be lying awake in your bed just thinking of you all night.  If I stay with you, then I can go to sleep because I know that I'm safe as long as I'm with you.  Jason, please."

"Okay, come on."

Jason couldn't resist because deep down inside, he felt the same way. 

Elizabeth slide down next to Jason and the two of them laid on the couch bed as they prepared to sleep.

"Jason", Elizabeth whispers, "I love you."

"I love you, too, Elizabeth.” Jason said.

They kiss and found comfort within one another as they sleep. They have become one.