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Published:April 4th, 2006 10:07 EST
A Liasion Romance in Italy-- Chapter Nine

A Liasion Romance in Italy-- Chapter Nine

By Garrett Godwin

Chapter Nine

While continuing walking on the sidewalk, Jason and Elizabeth stop by a nice little bistro where they got themselves delicate pastries and two cups of coffee which Jason generously paid for. Jason has an cherry pastry and black coffee while Elizabeth has an apple pastry and coffee with decaf milk and two cups of sugar. They left the place while eating and having their coffee when still walking on the sidewalk enjoying the day.

"Oh, come on, Jason.", Elizabeth smiles. "Have a bite. For me, please."

Jason takes a bit out of Elizabeth's apple pastry, but the filling is on his lips. Elizabeth stops and instead of wiping it off, she licks the filling on his lips, and starts kissing him. Jason begins to kiss back.

"Hmm.", he said. "You taste so much sweeter than the pastry. Would you like a bit of mine?"

"Hey--", Elizabeth laughs.

"Elizabeth, I think that's fair, don't you think?"

"All right."

Elizabeth takes a bite out of Jason's cherry pastry, and she gives me him a very sexy look.

"Are you ready, Mr. Morgan?", Elizabeth says seductively.

"I'm always ready, Miss Webber.", Jason said.

Jason puts his thumb on Elizabeth's lips, which her tongue licks his thumb, and he starts kissing her very sweet and sensual. They stop, leaving them breathless.

"Okay, then.", Elizabeth whispers.

"Okay.", Jason whispers.

Elizabeth takes a sip of her coffee to cool her down.

"Shall we keep going?", Elizabeth said.

"Let's go.", Jason said.

While continuing walking, Jason takes a sip of his coffee to calm his nerves as well. He has the ability to talk to her.

"Elizabeth, you said you wanted to paint today, right?", Jason asks.

"Yeah.", Elizabeth responds.

"Well, you're gonna get that wish. Come on."

Jason and Elizabeth make a left turn. Jason starts to smile while Elizabeth is amuse but a little worry.

"Where are we going?", she smiles.

"If I tell you, then it wouldn't be a surprise, would it?", Jason laughs.

The day continues for Jason Morgan and Elizabeth Webber.