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Published:April 4th, 2006 10:14 EST
A Liason Romance in Italy -- Chapter ten

A Liason Romance in Italy -- Chapter ten

By Garrett Godwin

Chapter Ten

Jason and Elizabeth go by a small art studio, where Jason has a surprise for Elizabeth. He knows she wants to paint-- and be with Jason also.

"Hello?", Jason said. "Cassie, are you there? It's me, Jason Morgan."

"Yes?", a woman in her mid-40s looking very beautiful and exotic with an thick Italian accent, starts walking to Jason.

"Hey, Cassie.", Jason said. "How are you? Looking radiant as ever."

"Oh, Jason, as hotter as usual.", Cassie compliments back while she and Jason kiss each other on the cheeks.

"Cassie, this is Elizabeth Webber, the one I told you about from Port Charles."

"So, you're the famous Elizabeth Webber? My, you're even more gorgeous now than before when Jason told me about you."

"He did?", Elizabeth said looking at Jason, who is very shy.

"What did Jason say about me?", she asks.

"He told me everything", Cassie said. "From the first time you two met to your painting to how you love to paint and so on. He couldn't stop talking about you. And that is when I knew he's in love with you, and I know the feeling is mutual for you."

"Couldn't say more. Why did you me bring here, Jason?"

"I wanted to bring you here because you said you wanted to paint today.", Jason answers.

"That's true, but all of my brushes and everything else is back at the apartment."

"It's all right. Cassie has everything you need."

"And then some.", Cassie humors.

"Don't worry, Elizabeth.", Jason said. "You can trust Cassie."

"Are you good as Jason say you are?", Cassie asks.

"Yes, I am.", Elizabeth said.

"But are you good as me? You can only be better when being challenge."

"Is that so? Well, I'm up for it."

"Well, you're right about one thing, Jason-- this girl does have fire and heart. Now, let's see if she has talent."

"Trust me, Cassie.", Jason assures. "Elizabeth does. I've seen it for myself."

"But I haven't.", Cassie smiles. "Remember you're not in Port Charles anymore, you two. Are you ready, Miss Webber?"

"Definitely.", Elizabeth responds.

"Very well. Come with me."

Jason and Elizabeth walk behind Cassie upstairs to her studio. Elizabeth began painting in Port Charles, but her skills as an artist will now be put to the test.