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Published:April 6th, 2006 14:05 EST
A Liason Romance in Italy - Chapter Twelve

A Liason Romance in Italy - Chapter Twelve

By Garrett Godwin

Chapter Twelve Jason enters Terry's room to hang out with him while Elizabeth and Cassie are painting in the studio next door.  He sees Terry in his room watching television.  Terry is in his 20s, out of college, helping his mother out while figuring out what to do with his life.

"Hey Terry," Jason said.

"Jason.  Hey man," Terry said.

The two of them hug.

"Good to see you.  How are you, man?" Terry asks.

"Oh, I'm good," Jason said.  "Things are better now."


"Yeah.  A friend of mine from Port Charles is here with me, so it's going good."

"This friend of yours wouldn't happen to be Elizabeth Webber now, would it? Come on, now."

"Yeah, it's Elizabeth."

"I thought so, because I heard not only you and Mom, but also her as well.  Where is she?"

"She is with your mother at the studio.  Did I tell you that Elizabeth is an artist?"

"I don't think you did, but Mom did tell me about her.  By the way Elizabeth has been described, she has to be beautiful.  What Mom told me, she has to be one lucky woman to have someone like you."

"And then some."

Jason and Terry laugh. 

"So, you want to shoot some pool?" Jason asks.

"You read my mind," Terry responds.

"All right, rack them up."

Jason and Terry left his room and play pool in the living room.

While Jason and Terry play pool, Elizabeth is at the studio beginning her test as a true artist, with Cassie as her teacher.

"As I said before, Miss Webber", Cassie said, "art is not just about imitating life.  It is about life right now.  You have to taste it, sense it, experience it, feel it, and love it.  Do you understand?"

"I understand," Elizabeth responds.

"Good.  Shall we start?"

Elizabeth picks up a brush.  She gets the table from where the colors are, and puts them next to her.  Elizabeth sits down and starts to paint.  But she has a blank stare on her face looking at the blank canvas.

"What's wrong, my dear?" Cassie asks.

"Nothing,” Elizabeth said.  "It's just that I don't know what to paint.  You said that art is about life right now, and this is right now, so--"

"That's true, but don't think about where you are now here at the studio.  Think about where you are in Italy, where you are going.  All you have to do is closed your eyes, clear your mind, and picture the first thing you think about.  And let it go from there."

"All right." 

Elizabeth takes a deep breath and closes her eyes.  She starts to think about Jason-- seeing him again in Italy, going motorcycle riding, his touch, and his kiss.  Elizabeth opens her eyes and now she is ready.

"Feel better, my darling?" Cassie smiles.

"Very much.  Thank you," Elizabeth responds.

Now clear and focus, Elizabeth starts painting like she has never painted before.  She smiles while painting because she has found where she is in her life and where she belongs.  Her life now is with Jason Morgan, and she belongs with Jason Morgan-- always and forever.