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Published:April 8th, 2006 05:06 EST
Movies - A Blast from the Past

Movies - A Blast from the Past

By Garrett Godwin

American, 2003 became a year for great movies (Finding Nemo) and not-so-great movies (remembered Gigli?).  However, what makes 2003 memorable for movies?  It was the year of sequels.  From X2 to the final Lord of the Rings, there was a movie sequel coming out in theaters every 1-7 months.  Critics and audiences sometimes said that a sequel isn't as good as the original.  The response is mixed.  There are some sequels that are good-- even better -- than the first (Mission: Impossible 2) and some that couldn't be better than the first (remembered Speed 2?).  Well, 2003 has certainly been an awesome year of not only movies, but also for great movie sequels.  Sequels that are better than the first because of four elements: better action, comedy, drama, and romance: 1. The Matrix Reloaded & Revolutions: These sequels set the bar for filmmaking due to the innovative special effects, as well as incredible, intense, mind-blowing fight/action/chase scenes, not to mention the passionate, yet beautiful, love story between Neo (Keanu Reeves) and Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss).  They're willing to risk their lives for one another.  These two heroes are committed to saving the world-- and to each other.  These back-to-back sequels have everything-- even a little bit of humor.

2. Bad Boys II: Besides the awesome car chases and gunfights, what really makes this movie work is the chemistry between Will Smith and Martin Lawrence.  Watching them onscreen keeps you laughing, and you can't get enough of them because they have great comic timing.  Could there be another Bad Boys in the works?

3. Charlie's Angels 2: Full Throttle: Drew, Cameron, and Lucy are all good in this movie.  But I am going with Demi Moore.  The future Mrs. Ashton Kutcher is so good-- at being bad as a fallen Angel.

4. Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines: He (Arnold Schwarzenegger) said he'll be back!  And he did come back in this installment.  Although it was directed by Jonathan Mostow and not, once again, by James Cameron, this movie is still enjoyable and a must-see.  And let's not forget the female T-X (Kristinna Loken)!  Who said cyborgs can't be sexy?

5. X2: X-Men United: Good and Evil join forces.  That's not something you see in a movie.  Plus, the triangle between Cyclops/Jean Gray/Wolverine continues to intensify.  There is more of Wolverine's background in the movie.  Good news?  There will be another X-Men movie this summer.  And there are talks of a movie spin-off based on Wolverine (Hugh Jackman).

Besides sequels, I also went to see these great movies in 2003:


The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

School of Rock

The Cat in the Hat

All of these movies are great.  So, the question is what is my pick for the movies of 2003?  Well, it is a tie!  Sorry, Lord of the Rings, but it is the back-to-back Matrix movies.  What the Wachowski brothers have set out to do, they did in the Matrix trilogy and with filmmaking.  I don't think any movie that is out or will be out soon will ever live up to the Matrix trilogy.  Whoa.