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Published:April 10th, 2006 09:38 EST
Dolby Sound:  I'll Blind You With A Lawsuit, K-Fed!

Dolby Sound: I'll Blind You With A Lawsuit, K-Fed!

By Maria Grella

Britney Spears’ slacker husband, Kevin Federline, has yet another trouble to add to his ever-growing list.  The D-list celebrity has illegally sampled Thomas Dolby’s 1983 hit.   Federline’s latest rap song, entitled “America’s Most Hated”, samples Mobb Deep’s “Got It Twisted”, which legally samples Dolby’s smash new wave song, “She Blinded Me With Science”. 

On the musician’s website, a posting on the message board clued Dolby in on his song being used without permission.  After expressing his distaste at the lack of respect shown by Kevin from not obtaining permission, he wrote in his blog, requesting the song be removed, or else face legal action.  “So, K-Fed, if you’re reading this, I’m asking you nicely to take the track down ASAP.  Or maybe you’d prefer me to come after some of your wife’s ill-gotten gains?”  The song was successfully taken out.

In an interview with MTV News, Dolby commented on the stolen riff.  “You can’t just take a very well-known piece of music and add your own vitriolic rap over the top of it and get away with it.  I considered turning a blind eye to it other than, as I mentioned on my site, asking him politely to take it down.  However, I found out today that it aired on VH1 last week.  So, it’s more than just an MP3 download.” 

He further went on to bash Kevin by comparing him to another infamous, ill-reputed white rapper, who blatantly stole the beat of Queen’s “Under Pressure” for his one-hit wonder, but later denied it.  “It’s like what Vanilla Ice did with ‘Ice, Ice Baby’, although I think Vanilla Ice is a superstar compared to this guy.”

While Kevin owed it to Dolby as an artist to ask to use his music, Dolby concedes that in all probability, he wouldn’t have given permission.  In K-Fed’s version, which was released through his page on, he spits about how the media views him, naming in particular US Weekly, a tabloid he and Britney are suing for a false story.  “I wouldn’t have turned it down because of who he is.  I knew nothing about him, quite frankly, and just because he gets a bad rep in the press doesn’t make him a bad guy.  But just on the merits of the song, I would have said no.”  He cited the explicative lyrics as “pretty evil” and inappropriate.

Dolby feels Mobb Deep’s copyrights were violated as well, but because they are label mates with Britney Spears, Jive Records is unlikely to pursue legal action.  A representative for Jive Records told MTV News that lawyers were investigating the issue.

Currently, Thomas Dolby has completed working with JJ Abrams on the score of Mission Impossible III and is touring the country, his first in 15 years.  Meanwhile, Kevin Federline, who has yet to sign a record deal, has stated that his debut album, Playing With Fire, will be released in August.  A few tracks have been leaked on the internet, and the over all response has thus far been negative.