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Published:April 10th, 2006 17:06 EST
Movies of 2004: Part II (b)

Movies of 2004: Part II (b)

By Garrett Godwin

Good and Evil Light and Darkness

Justice and Vengeance

Love and Hate

God and Satan

These are the major themes for the movies of 2004.  Whether heroes such as Jesus Christ and Spider-Man serve the greater good or anti-heroes like Frank Castle fighting evil with evil.  Other themes that factor in these films are life, friendship, death, loyalty, and faith.

1. The Passion of the Christ: The complete story of redemption, betrayal, forgiveness, humility, and much more.  Suspenseful, frightening yet inspirational and touching, it is about selflessness and hope.  More than a true story, this movie is based on the living Word of God-- Jesus Christ.

2. Spider-Man 2: If you love the first one, then you will love the second.  It has action/adventure, drama, humor, and romance.  The first is about the birth of a hero; while this one is about choices, that hero has to make and facing the ramifications from them.  It was Tobey Maguire's portrayal of the always-conflicted web slinger that made this film as well as Kirsten Dunst as Mary Jane ("MJ") Watson, the girl he loves.  Spider-Man 3 will be out next year, but enjoy the first two on DVD.

3. Hellboy: With mystery and sci-fi added, this one has everything also.  It is incredible due to Ron Perlman's performance as the title character and Selma Blair as the woman he loves.  With another Hellboy coming out soon, it will be good as the original.

4. The Punisher: The main vengeance movie since Dirty Harry and Death Wish, with A true anti-hero: Frank Castle (Thomas Jane).  An ex-Fed skilled in weapons and martial arts, he has only one purpose in life: to punish the guilty.  Judge, jury, and executioner, Frank Castle is The Punisher.

5. Starsky & Hutch: A funny movie due to chemistry between Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson as the crime-fighting duo from the classic 70s cop show.  Don't forget the third star: the red, white-striped 1974 Ford Torino.  I smell sequel-- if there will be one.  Don't like the movie?  Get seasons 1-3 of the original show on DVD.  My opinion?  Either the film or the show-- maybe both!

Other movies of 2004:

13 Going on 30: Jennifer Garner-- Sydney Bristow and Elektra -- doing comedy?  True.  This female Big version is sweet and delightful.  This romantic comedy-fantasy is about "the kid in all of us."  But it is about second chances at life and discovering your true self.  And let's not forget the famous Thriller number as well as the "Love Is a Battlefield" scene-- if you remember the 1980s!  I do, 'cause I was born in the 80s!

Troy: Major battle scenes that are graphic, brutal with true realism shown on film.  Forbidden love and passionate triangles.  For the men, action, war, fighting with swords, spears, and shields.  For the women, Eric Bana, Orlando Bloom, and Brad Pitt-- who's naked in it, by the way!

Shrek 2: I wasn't a fan of the first one, but I love the sequel.  Still have the fairy tale romance as well as character background in the movie.  In addition, you must love Antonio Banderas' Puss-in-Boots-- including his version of "Livin' La Vida Loca".  The ending is also memorable-- which is you're going to watch the whole movie.

Ladder 49: Another great film to honor and appreciate the firefighters who risk their lives through burning buildings to save lives of men, women, and children.  It is a dedication to those brave and courageous real-life heroes in the world of fire fighting.

I, Robot


National Treasure

Blade: Trinity

Best movie of 2004: The Passion of the Christ

Not just any religious movie or any other movie, it has all of the themes in it.  The Passion of the Christ is about one man who not only save us, but also save mankind.  His name is Jesus Christ.

The year 2004 may never be like any other in the world of movies.  So, the question is, what will the movies be about in 2005?  Only (honestly) God knows. 

Goodbye 2004-- Hello 2005!