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Published:May 1st, 2006 16:10 EST
Fan Fantasy Fiction - Chapter Thirteen

Fan Fantasy Fiction - Chapter Thirteen

By Garrett Godwin

Chapter Thirteen

Cassie watches as Elizabeth continues to paint. Cassie becomes very intrigued with what Elizabeth is painting. Due to her thoughts of Jason, Elizabeth paints like she has never painted before. After more than an hour, she completes the canvas. Cassie sits down and look at the window from the studio, drinking herbal tea. Elizabeth gets up and walks up to her.

"Uh, it`s done.", Elizabeth said with a nervous voice.

"Oh, very good, my dear," Cassie smiles. "Come, sit down, and have some tea with me."

Cassie pours some tea for Elizabeth.

"Thank you," Elizabeth said.

"So, tell me", Cassie asks. "How did you meet our friend Jason back in your dear home, Port Charles?"

"It was two years ago. Jason and I first met at a bar called Jake`s--"

"Really?" Cassie with a sly smile.

"Not like that.", Elizabeth laughs. "So, I went to Jake`s, all dressed up, and there was this rude guy, and Jason got rid of him."

"Your knight in shining armor, huh?"

"Not at first. But I started talking to him and he was there to listen to me. That night, we went riding on his motorcycle. Jason save me from doing something that I`ll regret for the rest of my life. He save me from myself. From then on, we go motorcycle riding. But it was more than that. We were always there for each other. And we became friends."

"When did you first realize that you`ve fallen in love with Jason?"

"I don`t know. I guess it was when he left Port Charles during the winter last year. One day, at my studio, I was thinking about him-- about the time we`ve spent together. Jason helped me get my life together and was the reason I began painting again. He was my inspiration. And still is. But I think I really fell in love with Jason when he came back to PC several months ago. At first, I tried to fight my feelings for him, but I couldn`t. The more I did, the more I realize I wanted to be with him. And I do wanted to be with Jason-- now more than ever."

"The course of true love doesn`t always runs smoothly, my dear Elizabeth. But true love always find a way. Always and forever. Remember that."

"I will, Cassie."

Cassie and Elizabeth continue drinking tea and look at the beautiful sights of Italy through the glass of Cassie`s studio.