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Published:May 2nd, 2006 10:23 EST
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Knight Rider, The A-Team TV series being released on DVD

By Garrett Godwin

Take another trip to the 1980s again on DVD today!

Knight Rider: Season Four, The Final Season

To be familar with the series, here's the story:

Michael Long, a police officer, was shot in the line of duty on assignment and left for dead. He fully recovered and brought back to life by the late Wilton Knight, who chosen Michael as the one man who can make a difference. Michael Long is no longer Michael Long but Michael Knight for the Foundation for Law and Government (FLAG). With his supercar partner, KITT (Knight Industries Two Thousand), the unstoppable duo become the champions of the innocent, the helpless, and the powerless in a world of criminals who are above the law-- but not to Michael and KITT.

The final season contains 22 episodes, plus extras such as "K.I.T.T. Blueprints" and "The Great '80s TV Flashback". Daytime favorite Peter Parros joined the cast as Reginald Curtis III, known as "RC3", a former "Street Avenger" who becomes a full-fledge member of the Foundation.

Season four introduces two new capabilities of K.I.T.T.

1. Super Pursuit Mode: 40 percent increase in speed, which what makes season four very good.

2. "C": The top is down and K.I.T.T. becomes a convertible, which is also what this season good.

Best episodes of Season four includes the two-part "Knight of the Juggernaut", "KITTnap", "Killer K.I.T.T.", "Redemption of a Champion", and "Knight Flight to Freedom". Another good episode is "The Scent of Roses", in which sexy daytime siren Catherine Hickland (David Hasselhoff's then real-life wife) reprised her role as Michael's true love Stevie. All of the episodes have been good throughout the end.

The A-Team: The Complete Fourth Season


Four Vietnam vets, accused for a crime they didn't commit, goes underground in Los Angeles. Working as soldiers of fortune, Hannibal, Face, Murdock, and B.A., defends those that can't defend themselves as well as when the law couldn't while staying one step ahead of the Army.

Season four has all 23 episodes. This season is also the return of relentless Col. Decker. After a few episodes, he was replaced by Gen. Harlan Fulbright, who became the Team's pursuer througout the rest of the season. Season four features several "special guests" such as Rick James, Issac Hayes, Hulk Hogan, Boy George and Culture Club, and more.

This season has "The Great '80s TV Flashback" as an extra, along with the fifth season episode "Point of No Return".

Best episodes include the two-part "Judgment Day", "Body Slam", "The A-Team is Coming, The A-Team is Coming", "Mission of Peace", "The Trouble with Harry". The finale, "The Sound of Thunder", is the best one because it was very serious and dark, which lead to changes for the series in the final season.

Both of these shows ended when they were hitting their stride, and didn't have the proper closure. But you have a chance to relive the 80s and the adventures of these great action heroes on DVD today!