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Published:May 16th, 2006 10:26 EST
A Liason Romance In Italy - Chapter Sixteen

A Liason Romance In Italy - Chapter Sixteen

By Garrett Godwin

Jason and Elizabeth exits Cassie's art studio and go to Terry's room to play some pool.  Cassie and Terry are there as they watch television in his room. "Well, it's about time, Morgan", Terry said.  "Ready to play?"

"I am", Jason laughs.  "Just not with you this time."

"Oh, I see", Terry smiles when looking at Elizabeth.  "I'll let you off this time.  But do you mind if I watch the game?"

"Be my guest", Elizabeth answers.

Jason and Elizabeth each grab a cue stick while Terry racks the balls on the pool table.

"You should know, Jason, that while I was in Port Charles, I have been working on my game at Jake's.  That is one of many secrets”, Elizabeth smiles.

"Really?” Jason said with intrigue.  "Care to share?"

"If I tell you, then it wouldn't be fun now, would it?” said Elizabeth seductively.  "I'd like to make a bet.  Every time one of us makes a shot, the other receives a kiss.  But if I win, then you take me for a ride on your bike all night tonight."

"If I win?"

"Then we do what you want to do, or what I want to do."

"That doesn't sound fair", Jason with a confused smile.

"Shut up and play, Morgan."

"You heard the lady, sir", Cassie said.  "Let's play, shall we?"

"Let's", Terry said.

The balls are in place.  The game is set.  Elizabeth goes first to break.

Two balls are in the pockets, which not only impresses Jason, but also Terry and Cassie.

"Wow, I guess you have been practicing", Jason said.

"That goes to show you not to underestimate your opponent-- especially if she's your girlfriend.  Now come here.  You owe me not one, but two kisses", Elizabeth said with a sly smile.

Jason goes to Elizabeth and gives in. 

"Don't make them short and sweet, Morgan", Elizabeth said.  "Make them official."

Jason and Elizabeth began their two kisses that are sweet and sexy.

"That's one and that's two", Elizabeth said after the kisses that left breathless.

"Okay, its official", Jason whispers.

"All right", Cassie said.  "Now it is a game."

30 minutes into the game, Jason makes an incredible triple shot-- three balls into the pockets, which leads to three kisses.

"Is it me, or it is getting hot in here?” Terry chuckles.

It was now Elizabeth's turn.

"Eight ball, corner pocket", Elizabeth said with assurance  I hope your bike's motor running real good, because mine is and ready to go."

"We'll see about that", Jason said.

Elizabeth makes the shot and misses.

"Did you do that on purpose?” Jason smiles.

"You'll never know", Elizabeth responds with a sexy smile.

Jason prepares to put the eight ball in the corner pocket.  Elizabeth walks up to him slowly but seductively.  As he makes the shot, she blows into his ears like a temptress to distract him.  But Jason makes the shot and the eight ball was in.

"That's game, my dear", Cassie said.

"And then some", Terry laughs as everyone else smiles.

"So, you win", Elizabeth said.  "What do you want to do now?"

"I want to be with you for the rest of my life", Jason responds.

"Jason, are you asking me to--", Elizabeth said with a surprise look on her face.

"I am asking if you would like to spend your life with me, where the light continues to shine here.  For two years, you have become more than my best friend.  You are also one of the few people I can trust, that love me and accept me.  Elizabeth, I thought I wouldn't find love again until I met you.  I thought I wouldn't see you again until you came to Italy.  Will you marry me?"

Tears start to shed on Elizabeth's face, but they're happy ones.

"Yes, yes", Elizabeth said while kissing Jason.  "I will marry you."

She and Jason continue kissing.

Cassie and Terry filled with joy. 

"Oh, this calls for a celebration!” Cassie excites.

"I'll get the champagne", Terry said.

As Terry get the champagne and Cassie gets the glasses, Jason and Elizabeth share another kiss.

"I love you, Jason", Elizabeth said.

"I love you, Elizabeth", Jason said.  "Always and forever."

"Always and forever."

Jason and Elizabeth have another kiss because this time, they will be one heart and soul-- always and forever.