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Published:May 26th, 2006 13:59 EST
Get In A Mode of A Genius Code

Get In A Mode of A Genius Code

By Rasha Lamba

It was said by hollywood producer Ron Howard, about his latest controversial production "The Da Vinci Code", that if this film upsets anybody they must not see it. Getting inside a theater is like a stranger going to see something he didn`t imagine, or maybe only imagined. That is, a blend of real with unreal, believable or unbelievable, or from our dark or clear aspects of our society. So, when we come out of these theaters, our heart experiences happiness, enthusiasm, sorrow and rage, or sometimes inspiration and variable knowledge.

Seeing a film, documentary or reading a book doesn`t mean that a person always has to follow or believe or get revolutionised. Get a fair and positive knowledge from every good and also from badly written books and then open your mind more broad for the past,present and the future. And, if you are a very revolutionary type of person, then why not Superman and Batman, if not flying then at least follow thier power to change the wrong motivations and works in our societies, cities, countries, etc. It is our natural feeling by birth to love and respect the utmost and pray to god almighty. The majority of us on this earth knows the ultimate from wherever and whatever religion one follows.

Talking or discussing religion have never been cruel, but talking cunningly or using religion for mere selfishness is cruel. It is a fair side and we are very fortunate as we know that our lord is within us always, making us feel satisfied, and bringing us more close to him. So,what these religious leaders of today want people to do is to believe only what they are telling and that only they can talk about religion and god very fairly, but no other can.

We should take a deep look and be wary of those shouting leaders, who claim themselves very religious and are using wrong and negative religious speeches to gather people, and are successfully gathering in millons around the world, taking them to an edge of a hi-tech religious war. We must not misunderstood the firm purity that surrounds god almighty with the now a days religious books or speeches that noble and enlightened men and women had thier history of living and death. They came for our happiness and well being from infinity, suffered this cruel physical world and returned.

They always came and maybe within us, trying to come out and say something. We always punish the good and spare the bad, a very realistic view of this physical world.S ee"The Da Vinci Code" as a nice film with a fair combination of many aspects real and imagined, and think it of a knowledge affair.