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Published:May 28th, 2006 08:12 EST
A Liason Romance In Italy - Chapter Twenty

A Liason Romance In Italy - Chapter Twenty

By Garrett Godwin

Elizabeth remembers that she forgot her painting back at Cassie's, so she went back and Cassie gave it to her.  Elizabeth thanks Cassie again and left while Jason waits for her outside.


That day, they return to the apartment as Elizabeth puts the painting upstairs in the bedroom.  She goes back downstairs and kisses Jason on the lips and hugs him.


"Thank you", Elizabeth whispers.


"For what?", Jason said.


"Everything.  You have always been able to make everything all right for me."


"All I did is just there be for you-- and then some."


Jason and Elizabeth laughs as they take Cassie's saying to heart.


"Okay, you need to stop spending so much time with Cassie from now on", Elizabeth jokes.  "But she's a wonderful woman, and I am proud to have a teacher like her.  But I am even happier to have you in my life."


"That makes two of us", Jason said.


"And then some."


Jason and Elizabeth laugh again.


"Now, who needs to stop spending time with Cassie?", Jason also jokes.


Jason and Elizabeth share a long, sweet, sexy kiss.


"Do you know what I still love to do today, besides being with you?", Elizabeth said with a seductive voice.


"What?", Jason whispers.


"I would love to go for a ride on your bike, but this time I would like YOU to ride shotgun.  Is that right?"


"On one condition-- you let me help you."




Jason and Elizabeth shake hands and seal it with a kiss.  They exit the apartment as they go motorcycle riding.  Jason Morgan and Elizabeth Webber are not only now one with each other; they will be now one in and with the road.