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Published:June 1st, 2006 04:16 EST
A Liason Romance In Italy- Chapter Twenty-One

A Liason Romance In Italy- Chapter Twenty-One

By Garrett Godwin

Jason and Elizabeth continue go riding on the road in Italy, feeling the wind that is with them.  Elizabeth is on the handle bars of the bike, with Jason shotgun but still has his hands next to Elizabeth's on the handle bars.  They make a stop on a lake, which is right across of the desert road where the couple kicked up the dirt there.  Elizabeth shut down the engine; after she and Jason got off, the bike was parked.


"That was good, Elizabeth", Jason compliments.  "You're a fast learner."


"Why, thank you", Elizabeth responds and smiles at Jason.  She gives him a kiss.  "I had a good teacher."


Jason and Elizabeth continue walking.


"You know", Elizabeth said, "this is some great weather here.  It is a nice day for a swim, don't you think?"


Jason gives Elizabeth a confused look while she runs for the lake.


"What are you doing?", Jason asks.


"Just wait and see.” Elizabeth answers.


Elizabeth starts taking her clothes off and quickly jumps into the pool.  Jason walks up to the lake confuse but has a smile on his face.


"Well, come on in, Morgan", Elizabeth dares.  "I won't bite-- not unless you want me to."


"It's not that", Jason laughs.  "I never have seen this side of you before."


"Well, this is me being free.  It is all because of you, Jason Morgan.  Thanks to you, I am now free to be my true self.  I am now ready to live my life, baby, and I want to live it with you.  Now are you going to come in, or do I have to come in and make you?"


"All right, you ask for it."


Jason starts to take his clothes off in front of Elizabeth, who enjoys what she sees.  He jumps into the lake, and splashes water on Elizabeth, who splash back at him.  The two of them start having fun and enjoy themselves like they were kids. 


Jason and Elizabeth embrace each other and starts kissing very slowly but steady.  They continue kissing as they go underwater for a minute or two.  The couple still stays close to one another.


"Hmm", Elizabeth said as she kiss Jason on the cheek, "this is even better than the shower.  This way, I can even be closer to you.  To feel you next to me, to touch you, and to kiss you." 


Elizabeth plants another kiss on Jason on his lips, and Jason kisses her back.


"I feel the same way, Elizabeth", Jason said.  "All I want to do is be near you like this.  To see you smile.  I don't want this to end.  I want it to be like this for all the days of our lives."


"Well, then", Elizabeth smiles.  "We better not waste any time."


Jason and Elizabeth share another tender kiss as they continue to stay close to one another, as they now feel the intimacy between them. 


"I love you, Jason", Elizabeth said.


"I love you, too", Jason said.




"And forever."