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Published:June 1st, 2006 04:22 EST
A Liason Romance In Italy - Chapter Twenty-Two

A Liason Romance In Italy - Chapter Twenty-Two

By Garrett Godwin

For the next few weeks, life in Italy has been good for Jason and Elizabeth.  Jason and Terry became partners 50/50 of a motorcycle shop, where Jason fixes the bikes while Terry works with customers about the kind of motorcycles they want.  They look over the results of the business-- sales, profits, checking to see if the bikes work, and so on.  The shop has become very successful.


Elizabeth takes a job at Cassie's, where Cassie shows her paintings and the meanings behind them to the customers.  Elizabeth, on the other hand, paints for the customer that wants portraits for their home and/or their loved ones as symbols of appreciation for them.  But for her, it's not about the money.  Elizabeth just loves painting again and is proud of being an artist.  When she's not working, she still paints in her spare time.  She took Cassie's advice to heart: art isn't just about imitating life.  It is about experiencing life right now.  Elizabeth paints the life she sees in Italy right now: children playing, couples like her and Jason in love, and finally seeing the light Jason has promised to show her, and he did.


Elizabeth even paints her life in Italy right now with Jason, such as seeing him fixing his motorcycle on the sidewalk outside the apartment.  The couple continues to play pool in Terry's room and go motorcycle riding, which Elizabeth has gotten a little bit better with both.  Jason Morgan and Elizabeth Webber have finally found bliss, contentment, and happiness with one another. 


One day, Jason and Elizabeth were walking on the sidewalk.


"I want to take you out tonight", Jason said.  "There's this great place that Cassie told me about.  And it is not Starbucks.  It is Italian."


Jason smiles.


"Good", Elizabeth responds.  "I am in the mood for Italian."


The couple walks up to the apartment. 


"You know", Elizabeth said, "if we're going to dinner, there's one thing I need to know."


"What's that?” Jason asks.


"Are we going by bike, feet, or car?"


Jason and Elizabeth laughs.


"We'll be fully clothed", he jokes.  "And we can take a cab if you want.  It doesn't matter to me."


"So, it's settled, then", Elizabeth smiles.  She and Jason shake and kiss.


"Hmm, I'm so hungry that I want is right in front of me", Elizabeth said.  "Don't you agree?"


"I agree", Jason whispers.  "Now I want dessert."


"Well, you just might get it-- later, if you're a good boy", Elizabeth said as they enter the apartment to get dress for dinner.  The night in Italy will be young, and the night in Italy will belong to Jason Morgan and Elizabeth Webber.