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Published:June 3rd, 2006 11:16 EST
To date or not to date?

To date or not to date?

By Krzys Wasilewski

Cheaters, liars, phonies " beware! The days when you could easily use an innocent girl and leave her brokenhearted are finished. - the internet`s largest database of alleged cheaters "-- keeps an eye on you. 

At first glance, it is just another find a date " website that contains hundreds, if not thousands, of people on the Internet. Moreover, dominant colors: infantile pink and kitschy navy-blue on the home page, as well as strenuously advertised how can I get him back " love advice, may give a wrong impression to many visitors. But the dream date is the last thing a woman can find here. As the website introduction tells: is a powerful online resource that lets women out the men who have cheated on or lied to them. "

I believed all of his lies (...) He took money from my bank account as well as stole checks from his other girlfriends and put them into my account as if they were his paychecks. I got hurt the worst of all - not only did he break my heart into tiny pieces; I have to file bankruptcy and move, wrote anonymous. " Other two women who met Dalton, aka Merritt ", had the same opinion about their ex boyfriend. Mr. Dalton`s profile is one of over 6000 alleged cheaters " exposed on the website.

Not to be lost in the depths of the internet, women are offered several tools. A powerful search engine helps to specify a wanted man accordingly to his age, height, city and country.

No Casanova should feel safe since in the website`s database are men from around the world. There are profiles of men living in North and South America, Europe, Africa and Asia, sometimes in such exotic places as Gambia or Vietnam. With the resounding speed with which new profiles are added every day, soon no place on earth will be free of surveillance. Useful information can also be found in the forum where women (and not only) exchange their experience and warn off others. To relax visitors a bit, the website enables to download several love songs or listen to women vs. men debate. 

And what about men? Are they left to mercy of their ex girlfriend`s in this almost exclusively womanly website? The answer is: no. Once an unlucky guy finds a profile with his name, and - much worse " with his picture " he may write his version of the story and pray that the readers will believe him. However, unfair as it is " the website mostly attracts women and its forum swells with anger at the opposite sex " men aren`t given much choice, or voice. Especially, that they don`t give themselves a chance " flicking through the 6000 profiles, I couldn`t find a one where a male point of view would be presented. 

Tasha Joseph, the founder of the website, writes: Each day, thousands of women from around the world are cheated on by their boyfriends, fiancées and husbands. " That`s true, just as it is true that thousands of men from around the world are cheated on by their girlfriends, fiancées and wives. Ms. Joseph later adds that  was founded by women with women in mind. Maybe its high time men did exactly the same.