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Published:June 6th, 2006 04:47 EST
A Liason Romance In Italy - Chapter Twenty-Four

A Liason Romance In Italy - Chapter Twenty-Four

By Garrett Godwin

Lucky Spencer has love Elizabeth Webber for as long as he can remember.  They have been through so much-- her rape and Helena Cassadine.  He thought the worst is behind them and that they could start over fresh, getting to the good stuff. However, Lucky knew that Elizabeth had feelings for Jason Morgan, and was only a matter of time before he’d have to fight for Elizabeth.


"Lucky, how did you--?” Elizabeth said.


"Nikolas told me", Lucky responds.  "He told me what Helena did to me, and how he tried to poison you.  How you faked your death-- everything.  But how did I know you were in Italy with Jason?  Maybe we should ask her."




Someone came out of the limo-- a woman.


"Emily", Jason whispers.


"Hey, Jason", Emily said.  "Elizabeth."


"Nikolas told me that Elizabeth took his private jet to where ever she wanted to go", Lucky continues, "and I figure she went to where you are Jason, since you two are so close.  Nikolas didn't know, but I bet that your sister Em did, since she is very close not only to her big brother, but also to her best friend, Elizabeth."


"Guys, I am so sorry about this.  I didn't have a choice.  Lucky--"


"It's okay, Emily", Jason said.  "You didn't do anything wrong.  It wasn't your fault."


"That's Jason-- always so understanding."


"Lucky, back off", Elizabeth said, "Jason, can I talk to Lucky for a minute?"


"I'm not leaving you alone."


"Jason, she'll be all right", Emily said.  "They need to talk, and we should, too."


"Yeah, you should", Lucky said with sarcasm.  "You two have a lot of catching up to do."


Jason and Emily took a walk on the sidewalk, while Elizabeth walks up to Lucky.


 Jason and Emily smile a little and hug.


"Oh, I'm so glad to see you again", Emily said.  "I'm just sorry it had to be under these circumstances."


"Doesn't matter", Jason said.  "How's everyone?"


"Everyone's good.  Grandmother misses you a lot, so does Mom, and me.  I visited Michael recently, and he asked me about you also.  I will let him know that you love him and are thinking about him."


"Thank you.  I think about him often.  And-- and Zander?"


"Zander is fine, thanks for asking.  He has been helping me with my physical therapy, and we're taking things slow.  So, uh, how are you and Elizabeth?  I haven't heard from both of you in awhile."


"Things are great.  I'm co-partner and mechanic for a motorcycle shop and it's going well.  Elizabeth has been painting again, and has been working as an artist full-time.  She enjoys the peace and quietness here, and so do I.  Here in Italy, it's just the two of us."


"Look, Jason, I'm sorry about this."


"Emily, I'm not mad at you."


"It's just that, Lucky is my best friend, and so is Elizabeth, and you're my brother.  I love all three of you, and it hurts me to see one or all of you hurt.  I care about you, and I want you guys to be happy-- all of you guys.  Lucky asked if knew where Elizabeth was-- if she was with you, and I couldn't lie to him, Jason.  I just couldn't."


"I get that.  If there is one thing I learn about friendship, it's that loyalty and honesty matters.  Lucky and I don't get along, but the one thing is common is how much we love you."


"You're forgetting another person you two share-- Elizabeth.  Helena has been dealt with, and she'll pay for her crimes.  Lucky has come to get her back.  If she decides to go with him, would you let her go, Jason?"


"I've already let her go more than once, Em.  I won't make the same mistake again.  If it comes down to that, then I'm going to do whatever I can to be with Elizabeth.  I love her, and I want her in my life now more than ever."


"Okay, but whatever happens, you're my brother.  I'm going to stand by you no matter what.  I love you, Jason."


"I love you, too."


Jason and Emily hug and Emily kisses him on the cheek.


 "It's over, Elizabeth", Lucky said.  "Helena is going to jail, and I'm not under her spell anymore.  I'm free now, Elizabeth.  We're free.  We can be together now."


"Lucky, as much as I love you", Elizabeth said, "I'm in love with Jason.  I always have loved him, and I always will.  I'm sorry."


"Jason is a criminal-- Sonny's enforcer.  He kills people and breaks the law.  Everyday you're with him; you're a target to his enemies.  He'll hurt you."


"I know who Jason is, Lucky.  He is a good man with a good heart.  He loves me for who I am.  He never judges me, never tells me what to do or how to live my life.  I can be myself when I'm with him.  With Jason, I can be free.  I'm alive because of him-- truly alive."


"But, Elizabeth, what about us?"


"We have drifted apart, Lucky.  Things have changed, and so have I.  I'll always be grateful for what you've done for me, and I'll never forget it.  But my life now is with Jason.  Please understand.  If you love me, then let me go.  Just let me go."


"All right, Elizabeth, I'll let you go.  But remember that I'll always be your friend.  Don't forget that."


"I won't-- and then some.  Don't ask."


 Elizabeth and Lucky laugh as she kisses him on cheek and the two share a tearful hug as Jason and Emily walk back up to them on the sidewalk.


"Everything okay now?” Emily asks.


"Yeah, yeah", Lucky responds as he wipes away the tears off his face.  "You're a lucky man, Jason.  You take care of her now."


"I will", Jason said.


"I'll see you both around.  Come on, Emily."


Emily share one last hug with Jason and later hugs Elizabeth as she says goodbye to them.


"You two be happy now", Emily said.


"I'll tell Grandmother, Mom, and Michael that you say hello and that you love them.  I love you both.  Have a good life."


"The same goes for you, Emily."


Jason and Elizabeth say their goodbyes to Emily as she gets into the limo with Lucky.  The limo drives away as Lucky and Emily return to Port Charles to tell everyone the news about Elizabeth.


"Are we okay?” Jason asks.


"Yeah, we're good", Elizabeth responds as she shares a romantic kiss with Jason.


"What was that for?"


"I just want to make it official.  Consider this a new chapter, a new beginning.  Now we can finally have a life.  Will you marry me, Jason?"


Jason gives Elizabeth another romantic kiss.


"You know the answer", he smiles


"I take that as a 'yes'", she said.




In Port Charles, they have become friends.  In Italy, Jason Morgan and Elizabeth Webber are now soul mates, for now and eternity.