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Published:June 6th, 2006 03:51 EST
A Liason Romance In Italy - Chapter Twenty-Three

A Liason Romance In Italy - Chapter Twenty-Three

By Garrett Godwin

That night, Jason and Elizabeth changed their clothes in separate rooms-- the former in the bathroom, while the latter is in the bedroom.  After finishing his shave, Jason got dressed and dawned a suit and tie, while Elizabeth was putting on her makeup, she stood there wearing a sleek, elegant dress, then both of them went downstairs at different times; Jason first, then Elizabeth.


"Wow", Jason stuns.  "You-- you look beautiful."


"Why, thank you", Elizabeth smiles.  "You don't look so bad yourself.  It is nice to see you wear proper clothes.  I mean, don't get me wrong, Jason, I love your casual clothes too.  You represent the strong, silent, sexy, dangerous type well.  But it is good to see you clean and well-done."


"Is that a compliment?"


"It is supposed to be."


Jason and Elizabeth laugh it off.


"Are you ready?” he asks.


"Yes-- and in the words of a very wise woman, and then some."


She and Jason smile as they share a kiss.


"After you", Jason said.


"You're not an officer", Elizabeth said, "but you're always the gentleman."


As Jason and Elizabeth walk out of the apartment to catch a cab to go to dinner, they saw a black limo parked on the sidewalk. 


"What's going on?” Elizabeth asks.


"I don't know", Jason confesses.


"Is it business?  Sonny?"


"Well, I'm going to find out.  Wait here, okay?"


"Jason, are you sure?  What if it's one of your enemies?"


"I'll be okay.  Just relax."


"I'm going with you."




"I could not forgive myself if anything happened to you.  We're in this together 'til the end."


"You don't have to do this."


"Yes, I do.  I love you-- always and forever."


"All right, then.  Let's go."


Jason and Elizabeth walk up real slowly to the limo, as the back door opens.  They are surprised to see who the person is coming out of the limo.


"Lucky?” Elizabeth whispers with a shocked look on her face.


"Hello, Elizabeth", Lucky speaks.  "Jason, it’s been a long time."


Jason Morgan


Elizabeth Webber


Lucky Spencer


Three lives-- two men, one woman. 


Port Charles has come face-to-face with Italy.