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Published:June 7th, 2006 09:45 EST
Charmed turns 100+ episodes on DVD!

Charmed turns 100+ episodes on DVD!

By Garrett Godwin

The Halliwell women have went through a two-year dark period:

The death of older sister Prue

Phoebe`s tragic romance with Cole

Leo facing his own demons

The ultimate battle(s) against the Source(s) of All Evil

However, there was light in their lives: Piper is pregnant with the next generation of the Charmed legacy.

Charmed: The Complete Fifth Season (2002-03) is now on DVD, with all 23 episodes.  This season has more romance and comedy while still having both the themes of good versus evil and the supernatural that makes Charmed great.

Season five is where the sisters branch out on their own:

Piper (Holly Marie Combs) must balance marriage, motherhood, and being a Charmed One.

A very popular advice columinst, Phoebe (Alyssa Milano) is ready for love again.  But it`s not going to be easy when her demonic ex Cole (Julian McMahon) comes back from the dead trying to win her back, claiming that he was good. 

Paige (Rose McGowan) quit her job as a social worker to practice witchcraft full-time.  She also learns to tap into her inner Whitelighter and continues to help people.

However, as the most powerful witches ever, the Charmed Ones still come together to battle demons and save innocents.

Season five is where the men also stand out:

Leo must balance marriage, fatherhood, and being a Whitelighter.

Inspector Darryl Morris (Dorian Gregory), the sisters` close friend and confidant, gets a promotion.

Cole`s inner struggle between good and evil will come to an end.

Best Episodes:

"A Witch`s Tail" (2-hour/part opener): Phoebe becomes a mermaid; Paige gets a new hairstyle; Piper deals with her fears of being a new mother and Charmed One.

"Siren Song": O.C. vixen Melinda Clarke is a sexy yet vengeful siren that seduces married men with her bewitching tune and then vanquish them.  Piper and Leo learn more about each other by magically walking in each other`s shoes-- thanks to their unborn baby.

"Witches In Tights": The Charmed Ones becomes comic-book superheroines.

"Sam I Am": Paige finally meets her long-lost father, Sam.

"Y Tu Mummy Tambien": Darryl becomes Lt. Morris.

"The Importance of Being Phoebe": Who`s the real Phoebe Halliwell?  The one finally over Cole.

"Centennial Charmed": What would have happen if Piper and Phoebe didn`t met Paige?  Cole`s swan song.  We have finally see Darryl`s wife Sheila for the first time.

"The Day Magic Died": The birth of Wyatt Matthew Halliwell.  It`s a boy, baby!

"Baby`s First Demon": Phoebe meets her new boss and love interest, billionaire Jason Dean (Eric Dane)

"Cat House": Piper and Leo seek marriage counseling, as Phoebe and Paige live through flashbacks of their relationship.

"Sense and Sense Ability": Written by Brian Krause, who plays Leo.  Piper becomes blind; Phoebe goes deaf; Paige is mute. 

"Necromancing the Stone": Grams (Jennifer Rhodes) returns for Wyatt`s blessing and deals with an old love while Phoebe and Paige deal with dilemmas in their relationships.

"Oh My Goddess" (2-hour/part finale): With the aid of mysterious, future Whitelighter Chris Perry (Drew Fuller), the Halliwell sisters becomes goddesses to take on the Titans.  Leo becomes an Elder, and things will change between him and Piper.

Still, every episode has been good throughout the end.  Get season five of Charmed on DVD today.

Remember: The Power of Three will set you free.