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Published:June 14th, 2006 07:38 EST
Coast to Coast:  Horrorween actor joins Canadian production

Coast to Coast: Horrorween actor joins Canadian production

By Anne Laszlo Howard



Coast to Coast: Horrorween " actor joins Canadian production

Montreal`s Nils Oliveto jumps into local projectMontreal, QC (RUSHPRNEWS) June 15, 2006: An email, a phone call, and a meeting with the cast and crew. That`s all it took for Montreal actor Nils Oliveto to accept French director Antoine Prugne`s offer to join the cast of Burn Out ".

Just a few weeks after being attached to Hollywood project Horrorween ", Oliveto agreed to work on a film produced by a European and Canadian team. Antoine Prugne was quite taken by Oliveto`s talent and offered him a meaty part, The role offered to Nils Oliveto is very demanding on the acting level. It requires a strong actor who can display the complexity of a character living outside the social norms. Nils Oliveto`s athletic background combined with his Hollywood experience makes him the best the candidate for this character, which requires physicality, strength, determination and weakness. "

Nils, who will start production of Horrorween this fall (Directed, written and produced by Ed Meyer, and starring comedian Chuck Lamb---aka the DEAD BODY GUY) is excited with this career twist. Horrorween is a spoof, with a large budget, big name actors, and with all the Hollywood hype that comes with it, " he says. Burn Out " is an intense drama, with a smaller size budget, and in which I`ll be playing a character that is completely different than the one in Horrorween. "

Nils Oliveto will star as Charlie: a violent street-gang punk leader who becomes unwillingly the center of attention of a new popular reality TV show. Nils adds, Antoine (Prugne) offered me the part on a silver plate. It was the first time I was chosen for a character without having to audition in front of hundreds and, in the case of Horrorween ", thousands of candidates. I`m of course not taking this kind of luxury for granted and will start working on that character immediately. "

The media exposure that has been generated with Horrorween " was hugely helpful in Nils being asked to play this character, " explains film publicist Anne Howard. It is absolutely astounding to see that the publicity surrounding Ed Meyer`s project caught the attention of the French-speaking film industry in both Quebec and France. "

Nils Oliveto credits include major Hollywood blockbusters like Windtalkers ", Showtime ", Sorority Boys " and the hit TV show Boston Public ". Despite his acting experience on the West Coast, Oliveto has never worked on a Montreal-based film. I certainly won`t mind the acting "from sea to sea` mode. It`s a great feeling to finally be in front of a camera in Quebec and in French. I welcome the change with open arms, and that experience will only make me a better actor. Don`t be surprised if you see me hang out in the next few weeks somewhere in the Montreal gang-punks underground world, " the method actor concludes.

Production for Burn Out " will begin in spring 2007 in Montreal and Paris, France. Selected scenes for the trailer will begin shooting this summer.

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