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Published:June 16th, 2006 14:42 EST
Beverly Hills...No, Harvard University, That's Where He Wants To Be

Beverly Hills...No, Harvard University, That's Where He Wants To Be

By Maria Grella

Here’s an inspiring story on the pursuit of education.  A 35 year old student has graduated from college this month after 11 years.  Not impressed yet?  What if you knew that the school was the prestigious Ivy League Harvard University and the student was Rivers Cuomo?  Name, not ring a bell?  Cuomo is the lead singer for the multi-platinum selling punk group, Weezer, and as of June 8th, he can add Harvard graduate to his list of achievements. In an interview with ABC News, Cuomo says how hesitant he was on his college experience.  “At first, I was a little nervous about living in dorms because I just thought it might be strange because, A, I’m a celebrity, and B, I’m old.”  After a recent tour supporting the band’s latest album Make Believe, Rivers threw himself into university life whole-heartedly, earning mostly straight A’s and even moving into a dorm room.

After the release of Weezer’s debut album in 1995, Cuomo enrolled at the Ivy League school to keep his mind fresh.  Since then, he has been attending the university sporadically for 11 years, due to making new records and touring.  Rivers expresses his school life experiences as being more intimidating than performing concerts.  “It’s just as terrifying to give an oral presentation to 15 smart kids as it is to sing on ‘Letterman.’  I think even more so,” says Cuomo.

Many Weezer songs are devoted to being more and getting more.  Apparently, the lead singer took a note from his own songbook and it served him well.  Though he has a successful career in a punk rock band, and can afford to live in “Beverly Hills”, Cuomo can serve as an example to all of us, to always reach for more.