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Published:June 17th, 2006 13:23 EST
From Russia with love- Pay Now

From Russia with love- Pay Now

By Krzys Wasilewski

They are beautiful, kind-hearted and intelligent. Their pictures adorn walls of thousands of men of all ages around the world. What is so special about them, however, is not their slim figure or beautiful mind. Their popularity lies in the facility for having them. They are Russian brides. Judging from the number of websites with single Russian women, the business is thriving. Whichever website we open, beautiful, often sparingly dressed, models welcome us and encourage searching through thousands of profiles.

Chance for Love is the first website of about 3,560,000 displayed by Google. Few seconds after one click of a mouse, a nicely, positively modestly designed site opens. As in other such places, here too, beautiful women flirtatiously smile at the visitors hoping that most of them will give in to their charms. After all, to quote the website: “The Russian woman likes to look pretty.”

Those who put beauty of soul before beauty of body should be content as well. “In Russia, she (the Russian woman) doesn't have a choice to stay home to take care of her husband, house, and children” Instead she “willingly works to help her family to survive.” If someone has yet to banish his doubts whether he is on the right track to find a perfect wife, then certainly “her eyes that can speak of the trials and hardship of a struggling country,” and “a spirit that goes deep into a history that embraces a gypsy balalaika dance and a vodka drink” should disperse all questions.

Karina is one of such perfect girl. She is a tall, blue eyed 22-year old blonde who speaks impeccable English and wants to “meet reliable man to create a family with him.” As if to support what the Chance for Love tells about Russian women, Karina admits that she is “family oriented,” and she “dreams to have a garden near the house where I can work, cook breakfast for my husband.” Unfortunately she does not say if her eyes can speak of hardship of a struggling country, but for a woman with such a figure and smile, one could forgive everything. If, in fact, Karina strikes someone's attention, he can send her flowers or a gift (jewelry, mobile phones, perfumes, etc.) easily available at the website's shop. The next move would be writing a letter, of course after signing up to the service, which costs $55 for a month. Finally, after an additional payment, a prospective husband may obtain Karina's address and hope that she will show up at the airport.

Those, who still think that attractive and intelligent women are beyond their reach, are not helpless any more. The industry called “Russian Brides” vastly exceeds ordinary cyber dating services. Apart from websites with profiles of single women, it also offers magazines, books and videos on how to find the perfect Russian wife.

Elena Petrova is an author of “How to find and marry a girl like me.” To prove that her book turns even the biggest loser into a first rate Casanova, Ms Petrova uses her own example. She is a gorgeous, model-like woman; the pictures on her website speak for themselves. Like other Russian brides she met her future husband “through correspondence”.

The couple hit it off at once and soon got married. Now, after eight years of a happy marriage, Ms Petrova decided to share her experience. “The power of this book is so dramatic that you will be able to attract virtually any woman - even if she seems to be looking for somebody slightly different than you,” praises the author. Letters from satisfied readers support the opinion. “Most of the tips you give in the book work wonders,” writes Arthur.

Russian Brides – the perfect way to the perfect marriage? Not really. Somewhere, behind wide smiles and sexy clothes are real women who, because of poverty in their countries, have been reduced to things to sell. Russian, Thai, Chinese brides – all extensively beautiful and easily available – at a fixed price. Flowers, gifts, money will buy gratitude – maybe - but certainly will not buy love. This is priceless.