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Published:June 22nd, 2006 10:21 EST
The Ninja's Idiosyncratic Routine

The Ninja's Idiosyncratic Routine

By Sean Stubblefield

Ninjas are renown masters of espionage and the killing arts. Their lives are lived in secret and shadow.

For centuries, the legend of the ninja has been shrouded in speculative myth and mystery. But in November of 2005, one ninja appeared from the periphery to let us in on the joke" I mean secret, in a humorous and imaginatively informative podcast series called Ask A Ninja, at  

Known simply as The Ninja, the cordial host replies to emailed questions with a cleverly sardonic wit and wisdom about what it is really like to be a ninja. Adorned in traditional black ninja garb and spontaneously emphatic gestures, he proudly and gleefully assures us, it`s flippin` cool!.

So far, The Ninja has answered 22 questions with a 23rd in development, all in his characteristic dramatic flare; as well as presenting several special delivery features regarding issues on his mind not drawn from viewer questions like the subject of Net Neutrality. The Ninja is not only a pleasant and candid liaison into the ninja world and mentality, but also an excellent story teller. And he does have some amazing " and entertaining-- stories to tell. 

This incredibly fun and amusing Internet series is produced by Kent Nichols and Douglas Sarine, two improvisational comedians from L.A.

Although the reality within this performance is conspicuously intended to be fictitious to the audience, the character of The Ninja is portrayed as genuine and serious, as he speaks matter of factly in his depiction of ninja. Which only enhances the comedy, and our enjoyment, through a skillful use of dry humor. He`s funny without meaning to be, without realizing it but he`s also intentionally funny.

The foundation for this character is a farcically exaggerated book called Real Ultimate Power: The Official Ninja Book (written in the style of a 12 year old boy obsessed with ninjas, but has a juvenile`s distorted impression of them); whose internet base is:

Episodes are posted approximately every 2 weeks, running 2-3 minutes and each concludes with the catch phrase (or some variation of) I look forward to killing you soon.