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Published:June 27th, 2006 06:22 EST
Judyth Piazza chats with Santa Ricky,  appearing in Horrorween, an Ed Meyer Film

Judyth Piazza chats with Santa Ricky, appearing in Horrorween, an Ed Meyer Film

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)


America`s Santa Claus? You`ve just discovered the veteran entertainer of film, stage, and national TV commercials (produced in N.Y., L.A.). Santa Ricky is professional, joyful, theatrical, and he SINGS fun songs AND brings along his wonderful funny puppet companion `Pierre zee Polar Bear`. This no common seasonal performer.

... 1- This is the Santa whom advertisers & film producers want on-set. He`s the artist the public adores, the entertainer the media flocks around, and the one man who can generate great media notice for you, your party, and your clients. Yes, Santa Ricky delivers ART to large crowds. Ricky personifies Santa Claus EVERY DAY OF HIS LIFE. As common citizen or witty Motivational Speaker, Ricky always represents the humanity of Santa Claus `on vacation`. And In December, he`s the perfect Singing red-suited Santa for all charities, marketing, executive and VIP celebrations. (Be sure and view our photos).

Talk about professionalism: Ricky`s invested big, in his commitment to honor the character and genuiness of the man inside `an Icon named Santa`: Several handmade costumes, a White minivan `Roadster` with flaming fenders (of Christmas lights) and a license plate: `The Sled`. He spends $70 every 6 weeks to keep the perfect beard and hair. Enjoys major charity appearances ALL YEAR, such as delivering monthly to hospitals, hundreds of gifts to premature babies, (clothing, blankets, toys). All year, Santa wears bibbed overalls and hand made shirts crafted from Christmas fabrics. Our Santa is featured often in newspapers and TV news.

... 2- Over 10 years experience in the arts in leading comedic roles. Five years in national and regional Film and TV commercials. Total professionalism. Producers proclaim: `no more auditions, we have found the perfect Santa with classic face, hits the mark first time, takes direction well, and has the build and charm of the 1950`s classic artist renderings of Santa.` `This guy makes money for us`.

... 3- Ricky`s a gifted orator & Toastmasters International winning competition speaker. Santa`s surprise visit any MONTH, is the perfect after-lunch speaker in a day full of tedious seminars. He wakes the crowd and warms them up just like a sit-com comic. He takes you back to your childhood, reminds you to give time to the kids in your life, and shares true, heart warming stories from his childhood, honoring parent and child.

... 4- He`s the perfect singing performer, along with Pierre his Polar Bear puppet. People LOVE Pierre, whether child or adult! Santa brings playful family songs and of course Christmas songs as he appears in upscale malls, executive venues, TV, film, modeling, charity and other areas.

... 5- Ricky`s pleased with his national work in the TV industry. If you are a national or executive client, you`ve stumbled upon the ONLY Santa you`ll ever need. Has played dozens of characters, many of them in Children`s shows, many of them comedic lead roles.

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