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Published:July 8th, 2006 08:50 EST
Judyth Piazza chats with The Dead Body Guy, Chuck Lamb, Co-Star of Horrorween

Judyth Piazza chats with The Dead Body Guy, Chuck Lamb, Co-Star of Horrorween

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)

Judyth Piazza chats with The Dead Body Guy, Chuck Lamb, Co-Star of Horrorween on The American Perspective Radio Program

Chuck Lamb is good at playing dead. He is REALLY good. This is all a bit tongue-in-cheek. Chuck is just trying to get a job in the movies or TV. He discovered he has a real skill. He can play dead. Chuck came by the KUSI studios on March 3, 2006. I`ll let him tell the rest of the story. This is Chuck Lamb`s bio from his website:

I`ve always dreamed of being in a movie or on TV. I grew up like most people in their 40`s watching everything from Dragnet to Twilight Zone and dreaming "I can do that if just given the chance". I still watch every bit of the credits of a show or movie to see all of the people it takes to make it. Key grips, best boys and personal assistants are all included. I close my eyes and see DEAD BODY ...... played by ...... ME!

Well, at 47, married to a wonderful wife and 6 kids I really don`t think I am going to be the next Sean Connery or Robert DeNiro but the dream is still alive and well inside of me.

Now, I have absolutely no acting experience. I am not good looking at all. I have a bit of a southern accent. So what can I bring to the table for any well respected TV or movie producer.


Just ask my wife. No one can lay around like me. Every CSI, Law & Order, and countless other movies and shows feature a dead body in it.

I say "THAT COULD BE ME!" I can lay there and be dead. I can achieve my dream by being shot, stabbed, drugged, mugged, mangled, strangled or any other scenario you can think of. I can even recite lines if needed. As you have probably already guessed, I am not shy at all.

I am asking people all over the world "Help Me Live My Dream -- Let Me Play Dead"

Pass this site on to everyone you know. I will post a new pose as often as I can. I will even take request if you send me an email. I am here to please and willing to show my worth to movie directors or producers. I have a good job in the IT field with a wonderful company and I`m sure they will let me take some time if and when I am called to fulfill my destiny.

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