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Published:July 12th, 2006 06:45 EST
It Started With One Demand

It Started With One Demand

By Sean Stubblefield

“We, the movie-going audience, who are fed up with epic film-disappointments, can and will directly green-light a big-budget film and ensure that it is allowed to be well-made by demanding a screening in our town, thus proving existing audience.”

A bold proposal.


Are you sick and tired of being consistently disappointed by lame movies? I know I am. And so is Jessica Stover.

Over at Jessica Stover Dot Com, a grass roots campaign/ phenomenon has been initiated to demand that Hollywood stop making bad movies. Jessica Mae Stover is, among other things, an aspiring screenwriter. Like many of us, she is repeatedly disgusted and disappointed with the abundance of mediocre, uninspired and uninspiring films that Hollywood seems content to mass produce for audience consumption. Operating on the principle that art and society influence each other, Jessica believes (quite correctly) that movies are a powerful storytelling medium… one that is and has been commonly abused and wasted by The Powers That Be in Hollywood.


In an effort to counter this pathetic trend of movies that suck, she presents to the world her screen play of an epic fantasy feature trilogy tentatively code named “TSL”… which could potentially “revolutionize” and revitalize a stifled and stagnant Hollywood. Like a mirror, art and life reflect each other. We live what we learn, and learn what we live, in a self perpetuating cycle. What happens when we are continually inundated with mediocrity? Do we not become the mediocre? Humans are inherent mythmakers, empowered and unified by symbolism…but what and where are our contemporary myths and symbols? What are we putting into our stories—our movies, and what are they putting into us? We need movies that matter, that mean something, that motivate us toward the extra-ordinary, the excellent and the exceptional. This is an element sorely and severely lacking these days.

Silence is interpreted as consent. Unless we speak up in protest or stop paying for their crap offerings, Hollywood will keep giving us meaningless and mindless movies… because they assume that’s what we are willing to accept. Expect better from Hollywood, expect better of ourselves.


Encouraging us to demand better quality product from Hollywood studios, Jessica Stover invites us to join her in an unprecedented movement of audience participation, sending a message to Hollywood in a language they understand— numbers, by supporting the production of her film. Audience equals money. Realize that Hollywood generally likes to take the path of least resistance whenever possible, preferring to avoid the risk of innovation, for the sake of safe, quick and easy money. If Hollywood sees that there is a guaranteed audience for this kind of unconventional movie, then the studios would probably be quite interested in making it.

Think about it. Hollywood produces a movie made for us, because we demand it. All you have to do to help is, in essence, sign a sort of petition declaring your support for TSL. And maybe tell your friends.


Jessica is a consummate artist, genuinely passionate about the art of film making and storytelling, and --I can assure you-- not without skills. I am very curious to see what this creative and enterprising spirit can accomplish, if given the opportunity. You can be a part of what is optimistically referred to as “the undeniable future victory of getting this film made.” Power to the people.

Are you ready for the Awesome? Dude, I know you are.

Demand it!