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Published:July 27th, 2006 14:10 EST
Judyth Piazza chats with Elizabeth and Dion Henry, Co-Stars in Horrorween

Judyth Piazza chats with Elizabeth and Dion Henry, Co-Stars in Horrorween

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)

Elizabeth Henry, even as a little girl always dreamt of becoming an Actress..She used to play dress up and change her voice to fit the part.. Aside from modeling in her spare time, she took drama in grade school, high school and college..Now as a single Mom she is still committed to the Art.. Just landing a role in Horrorween she is bound and determined to be successful and can only go up from here..  Below is a list of movies, commercial and voice overs she has done..

Commercial:   IPOD Shuffle: The Jonases Prod. Co. (spectator)5/05


Nice Guys- Nice Guys Prod. Co. Director: Joe Eckhardt- 6/05 (Extra) Completed

Gasp- Director: Sebastian Christian- 8/05- Independent Feat( Linda) Comple

Life with Marv- Short Film- Director: Lila Moore – 8/05 

Untitled Independent Film- Director: Ronald Peuse- 11/05 Completed

Unflinching Triumph--   Director: Sara Reed- 2/06   (Spectator) Completed

Horrorween 2007- Ed Meyer Entertainment- Trick/Treat Mom- Attached  "Duke" - Darren Martinez-- Nun-- Attached                 

Voice Over:   

Cartoon Voice- Chris Smith Prod. Co- 5/05 (Independant) (mom)

Spa Commercial- Voice Over- 5/06 (San Francisco) Business _______________________________________________

"Triple D" Dion 

Dion is a 14 yr old up and coming Actor.. Dion has been given many roles in grade school plays and participates in the local theatre. Dion would like be be a comedian someday..Very talented, funny and committed to his work, Dion will soon turn the heads of many agents nationwide.


Gasp- Director: Sebastian Christian-8/05- Independent Feat..(Billy) Comple

The Reason- Linda Flack- 11/05- Short- Comple

Horrorween 2007- Ed Meyer Entertainment- Trick or Treater (attached)

"Duke" - Darren Martinez-- "Eddie" (attached) 


Voice Over: Bio Howard Cartoon- Character- Junior- 1/06-- comple