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Published:August 16th, 2006 06:03 EST
Judyth Piazza chats wtih 11 year old Krisondra Daigneault, Actress

Judyth Piazza chats wtih 11 year old Krisondra Daigneault, Actress

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)

Judyth Piazza chats wtih 11 year old Krisondra Daigneault, Actress, Model and Dancer on the American Perspective radio program

Krisondra Daigneault is 11 years old

Born on 10-2-94 in Orange County California where she still resides with her family.

She loves animals, knitting, crochet, & crafts, dance, figure skating, Tumbling, Volley ball, and Hockey.

Favorite color is pink.

Favorite food is Alfredo Fettuccine.

She started modeling in March 2005 and then decided that she would also like to be an actress. In October 2005, on her second acting audition, she was cast as "FloraMaria" a lead for a short film called "L-I-C-K-S-I-L-L-E-T" as a girl that has rebelled and turned Goth.

In December 2005 Krisondra participated in an event called Model Search America, this event took place at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. She received 14 call backs from all over the United States and Italy; Most of the call backs were adult agencies such as Elite, Click, MTV2, Generations, and Future just to name a few; they have instructed her to keep in touch but because she is only 11 we started Kris with a fantastic children`s agency by the name of JET SET based in La Jolla California.

Kris took acting classes at the Show Case Academy, in Buena Park; and now she has two private acting coaches by the name of Marcie Smolin and Kevin McDermott at the actors circle in Culver City.

Since then Kris has been in a few other short films and has many other projects in the works.

"Simply Lost" is one of Krisondra`s favorite films because it was based on a true story; Krisondra played the role of the middle sister Lucille. Though the names were changed, Kris had the pleasure of meeting the girls of this compassionate story. Thus, Krisondra was able to know more about the characters after talking with the girls; since then "Simply Lost" became a more special film to her.

Kris now has a few more projects in the works:

She has been cast for the film "Horrorween" that will be released in October 2007. She will have the pleasure of working with many actors in this film. Many celebrities will make a cameo appearance, plus a there is amazing cast of many other great celebrities.
Krisondra has also been cast for the movie "Deucalion" which will start filming in October 2006.
And currently she has a film in Canada (in Talks) plus she is looking forward to more commercials and print work.

Quickly, there is already a rumor that she has the charisma and beauty of a young Angelina Jolie...... Krisondra is flattered by this wonderful compliment.

Kris is grateful to all those that have made her career progress so rapidly; and she is excited about her growing popularity as a rising child star.

And finally, Krisondra has been thrilled to make so many fantastic friends through this wonderful journey.


Acting career?

First I started my career last year as a Model and then I decided to tryout acting.

On my second audition I was cast for a short film called Lickskillet.

I met my friend Randy Shelly on the set of Lickskillet and he happens to be in Horrorween as well.


I was cast for Horrorween through an Open Call audition in Hollywood

I was interviewed by Chuck Lamb, in front of everybody he asked the writers if there were anymore speaking roles for kids and I got thumbs up. It was awesome!

Chuck Lamb AKA DBG and (the producer of Horrorween) Ed Meyer discovered me!

At the Fangoria Convention Hunter Gomez`s sister and I exchanged phone numbers and all the kids got along as if we had been friends for years; everyone was so nice, its like being a part of a big family not just a project.. It`s great!

Celebrity Rumor?

Yes, by going through various auditions this rumor has been growing that I have the beauty and charisma of Angelina Jolie. One time an audition assistant took off with my portfolio showing it to everyone. I am so honored; I hope that one day I will be able to play a role in a movie with her.

Love animals

Yes. I have two cats and their names are Dusty and Merlin plus two more outdoor cats. Then I have two mice by the name of Tinker bell and Paris and two Rabbits named Snowball and Cookie. And my brother has one rat named stripe. I love my animals and when I grow up I want to adopt many more pets, I really love them

Other projects?

Yes. I have been cast for another movie called Deucalion; I will get to act with all my star friends Hunter Gomez, Hunter Meyer, and Randy Shelly. I finished a few short films.
The trailer of Simply Lost is on

and I have just auditioned for a couple of national commercials.