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Published:September 1st, 2006 04:41 EST
Timeless Fashions and Coach for Everyone

Timeless Fashions and Coach for Everyone

By Amanda Hess

Fashion designers dream that their designs will be timeless and that their name will be associated with praise and not with failure. There are a lot of designers that are around today that were around decades ago. Although their collections can be pricey, college students across the country can be found wearing them.

Louis Vuitton began in 1854 with the manufacturing of trunks and other luxury luggage goods. After a couple of years his designs became a hit. In 1998, the fashion label Louis Vuitton entered the world of high fashion. Today they sell pens, stationary, handbags, and clothing. The most worn and recognized worldwide are their handbags.

Coach leather goods were founded about half a century ago, in New York City. Their first product was a baseball glove. After making the glove softer yet stronger, Coach came out with its first handbag inspired by the making of the glove. Today, the company provides briefcases, organizers, cell phone cases, and bags. Many college aged women carry these bags for their quality and function. Although Coach leather goods can be expensive, they do not cost as much as many other high-end designers.

A lot of women, in and out of college, love Tiffany. In 1837, Tiffany and Sons became a revolutionary store selling stationary for a non-negotiable price. Then, in 1902, Tiffany began making fine jewelry. Today, Tiffany and Co. sell everything from jewelry to china wear. The color Tiffany blue-- which their boxes are made with, are recognized as a symbol for elegance and sophistication.

Women are not the only group targeted for high-end merchandise. Men can be seen wearing everything from Dolce and Gabanna t-shirts to carrying Louis Vuitton wallets and briefcases. Fashion designers that once only made women`s clothing are broadening their horizons as demand for men`s merchandise increases. In today`s society, it is not acceptable for a man to look just as nice as a woman.

High-end merchandise can be very expensive. Designer handbags can range anywhere from $250.00 to $4,000 for one. Therefore, purchasing a designer product is a big investment. On the other hand, say a person bought a Gucci bag for $1,280. If this person carried the bag 200 days out of the year, it would cost approximately $6.40 each day. Most people, if they purchased a bag as expensive would carry it more often and over the span of years.

One problem that has been occurring in recent years is the selling of non-authentic goods. E-Bay, the world`s largest online store, has thousands, if not more, of non-authentic goods that are passed off as authentic. Even some websites carry knock-off handbags that look real but are not. It is necessary when buying a bag to read the disclaimer, if the website has one. Here it will say if the bags featured on the site are replicas or the real thing. It is not suggested to buy anything on E-Bay dealing with designer goods. If someone is selling a Louis Vuitton for $50, it isn`t authentic. Nowadays, counterfeit distributors are designing their bags to look like a clone of the real thing. They come with a dust bag, serial numbers stamped on the inside, tags, and even papers of authenticity. Sometimes, the bags can be taken to a store selling authentic goods, where they cannot even tell its authenticity. The only way to receive an authentic designer handbag is to shop around a nationally known site or store. Eluxury and Bluefly are two well known and legitimate websites.

The same goes for any designer jewelry. Knock-offs of Tiffany and Co. can be found floating on the Internet and are even sold on the streets of major cities. It is well worth it to pay the money to buy from a place where it is known the merchandise is legitimate. 

The places where the fake merchandise is made are not great locations. Young children are put to work in factories in very unsafe conditions. There is enough evidence that says that part of the money from bombing the World Trade Center came from the sale of counterfeit goods. It is against the law to sell counterfeit goods in the U.S. yet it happens everyday.

College women can be seen wearing designer labels everyday. Louis Vuitton, Coach, and Tiffany are among the most popular brands. Although they are all expensive they hold functionality and more importantly, they are timeless. These handbags are just as popular today as they were when they were first made.