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Published:September 11th, 2006 13:09 EST
Confessions Of A Lonely Girl

Confessions Of A Lonely Girl

By Sean Stubblefield

Since June of 2006, a web based episodic short video series called Lonelygirl15 has been appearing on YouTube, and apparently becoming a sensational media/ pop culture phenomenon behind my back. I don’t spend much time on YouTube, so I wasn’t aware of this until a few days ago when I happened to stumble across it, but I was instantly captivated. Lonelygirl15 is a serial narrative consisting of video diary entries recorded by a precociously geeky and pretty seemingly 16 year old girl named Bree. There is an ethereal quality to Bree, a sense of something uniquely para-normal about her vlog. Bree’s personality is vivacious, enchanting; her story, peculiarly compelling. Usually, I wouldn’t give much attention to a random stranger’s vlog, but there was something about her eyes-- her expression, that instantly drew me in, like a Geisha would… my curiosity urged me down that rabbit hole into Bree’s wonderland.

A story typically told from her bedroom through her webcam, Lonelygirl15 summarizes—like Jim Kirk’s Captain’s log-- the exploits and thoughts of a not-so-ordinary girl, with her friend Daniel, and her hand puppet sidekick appropriately named Purple Monkey. In Blair Witch style, it has not been clear whether these quirky and charming webisodes are genuine vlogs, a staged film project, or some as yet unrevealed viral media/ marketing campaign. Numerous articles, commentaries and discussions have been circulating the internets recently, speculating on the authenticity and identity of Bree. You can Google that information… so I won’t waste time and space here walking a well worn path.


If it is fiction masquerading as fact-- or even if it is "real", it puts a new interpretation on reality TV. Being a student of film making, plus a fan and frequent watcher of films, I suspected that Lonelygirl15 was fiction almost immediately. However, it doesn’t matter to me if “Bree” is an alias, or whether Lonelygirl15 is genuine or pretend. Is the story good? Is it enjoyable. Is it entertaining? Is it meaningful? Is it a clever use of the medium? If you believe, as I do, that it is… then so what if this is all make believe? What I care about is veracity in the telling of the story, and the application of the medium, and its potential implications. As well as the intent behind this project and where it may go. I commend and appreciate such imaginative efforts in story telling arts and media usage, and am interested to take this journey of exploration.

The mystery and intrigue surrounding Bree and her diary is part of the fascination. Who is this girl, and what’s her story? Who is the mastermind behind all this? What bizarre secrets does the Purple Monkey hold, and what is her true role in all this adventure? Bree uses the phrase "Proving Science Wrong" several times, which may be a clue.


Are these videos merely the independent and unsolicited creative work of amateur film makers, or part of some larger professional initiative? Possibly an introduction teaser campaign leading into and up to a pre-planned— or maybe unplanned-- movie or TV series? How long will it continue online? Is this, can this and will this narrative form be utilized by others, becoming a new trend, medium and process of story telling? What effects will this have on other vlogs and amateur films, or even on mainstream media venues and the film industry, and the public’s impression of them?

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Watch her videos and learn more about Bree:

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