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Published:September 18th, 2006 07:03 EST
Super Couples of the WB Network (1995-2006)

Super Couples of the WB Network (1995-2006)

By Garrett Godwin

From 1995-2006, the WB Network has been known for shows that had young, good-looking actors on the rise to stardom.  When it comes to these programs, there are couples that we, the fans, have been wanting to see together.  But there were always obstacles that stand in their way. On and off, these pairings always find their way back to each other because we, the fans, know that they belong together.  So, here are the super couples of the WB Network:

Buffy and Angel (Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, Angel): She is the Slayer, the Chosen One that leads the fight against the forces of darkness.  He is darkness with the face of an angel: a vampire with a soul.  Though their love is forbidden, it is eternal.  Never together but will never, ever be apart.

Dawson and Joey (Dawson`s Creek): They have known each other since infancy.  Throughout Pacey and Jen, something has always brought them back together.  But whatever happens, Dawson and Joey will always be best friends forever.

Piper and Leo (Charmed): Like Buffy and Angel, their love has been forbidden and their relationship has been tested.  But no matter what, the bond between them was so strong and powerful; nothing and no one could stand in their way.  They show that love does conquer all.

Phoebe and Cole (Charmed): A Charmed One and a half-human, a half-demon-- the polar opposite of Piper and Leo.  Like Buffy and Angel, their love is forbidden.  But in the end, love didn`t conquer all because good overcame evil.

Ben and Felicity (Felicity): Though we wanted her with Noel, we know that Felicity followed her heart to New York City-- and her heart will always belong to Ben. Dean and Rory (Gilmore Girls): Before bad-boy outsider Jess and rich bad boy Logan, there was the good guy-- and Rory`s first, serious love.  Dean was every girl`s-- and Rory`s -- dream: Prince Charming and knight in shining armor.  The guy you would bring home to meet your parents. 

Luke and Lorelai (Gilmore Girls): They have been friends and confidants for years.  She always goes to his diner for coffee, and he was always there for her and Rory when they needed him.  What makes this couple interesting is that the writers stay true to who they are while still bringing romance in their relationship, not making it sappy and typical.

Clark and Lana (Smallville): The future Man of Steel`s only weakness was kryptonite all right, but it was the one that was close to his heart: his childhood friend.  But no much how much they love each other, we both know they can never be.

Ephram and Amy (Everwood): The only thing that Ephram Brown loved about Everwood was Amy Abbott.  From day one, he was in love with her but she was in love with someone else.  Though they remain friends, the feelings they have for one another continue to grow, and after four years, this young couple is finally together.

Andy and Nina (Everwood): Next-door neighbors, we always wanted them next to each other.  Like Luke and Lorelai, they are best friends and confidants, always able to help each other and their families out.  Like Ephram and Amy in the finale, they finally admit their long-hidden love for one another.

Haley and Nathan (One Tree Hill): We watch them get married, divorced, and remarried.  It is the classic "good girl" falls in love with the "bad boy".  The "good girl" saves the "bad boy", and the "bad boy" becomes the hero. 

Lucas and Brooke (One Tree Hill): There was passion, an intense attraction, flirting, and always sexual tension between these two.  Like this couple, we can`t help but long for them.

Jake and Peyton (One Tree Hill): Whether it was Lucas, Jake going on the run with his young daughter, or Nikki, it was always bad timing for them.  But in the short time they have, this couple always made the most of it, making a home and a family for each other.  And one day, they can finally be together.

We watch them get together, break up, make up, and so on.  Now that the WB is no more, these popular pairings will live forever in syndication and/or go forward on to the CW Network, which will be born tomorrow.  Star-crossed or not, they are worth watching because they are worth rooting for, and that is why they are known to us as super couples.

Feel the love-- because it never dies.