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Published:November 26th, 2006 14:41 EST
Denise Kaminsky interviews Bart Mastronardi

Denise Kaminsky interviews Bart Mastronardi

By Denise Kaminsky

Today I had the opportunity to speak with Director/Cinematographer Bart Mastonardi who is also a full time English Chairperson/Teacher.

Hello Bart, glad to talk with you today. First off tell me what influenced you to become a Cinematographer?

I was influenced by literature, art, photography, movies, life itself. I enjoy moving people’s emotions by horror, comedy, drama through visual, composition, lighting and acting and creating that space for the audience to come and share in with the company.

When did your film career begin?

When I was 17 years old I began in theater, which was a terrific training ground for me. It is the purist form of art for me in terms of directing, lighting, set design, blocking, acting and learning how to understand what the audience wants during a production.

Then I studied Cinematography for 2 years and have been working in the field for over a year now. Some of my work includes Alan Rowe Kelly's "The Blood Shed", "A Far Cry from Home" and Stolis Hadjicharlambous's "Crossed". I love working the in the horror genre along with challenging myself outside of the genre. Being a cinematographer I am the person with my crew who is responsible for the tone and the overall look of the film.

I also studied at a film and photographic workshop in Rockport, Maine which is a very prestigious place where many filmmakers attend to study their craft while working with industries best filmmakers and photographers.

Have you had the opportunity to direct any of your own films?

"Vindication" is my first feature film that I directed along with writing and doing the cinematography for it as well. I've also directed numerous shorts, Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet" (A very urban gothic look), and "Macbeth" (a twisted horror version)

Who would be your favorite character in a horror film?

Since I'm fond of "Friday the 13th" especially The Final Chapter, it would have to be Jason. I think that we all like Jason to a degree.... minus the murders.

Are you currently working on any other projects?

Presently I'm working on a short film which is non horror for my cinematographer reel.

Is there anything else that you wish to say to my readers?

Don't worry about whether it's HD or film; just get it out there, do it. Be as creative as you can, study your craft then apply the application of the knowledge to your work.

Bart, Thank you very much for the great interview.