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Published:December 1st, 2006 11:35 EST
Here's A Song For You, Lovely

Here's A Song For You, Lovely

By Sean Stubblefield

The prevalence of unoriginal, vapid and vulgar music cluttering the music industry makes Eisley (pronounced EYES-lee) stand out as genuinely unique and refreshing; in both style and substance, this band sounds like no other.

Of the indie pop/ rock genre, Eisley expresses in crisp clarity an ethereal, celestial quality, arousing an impression of the imagination, vitality and innocence characteristic of children at play, without sounding childish or unrefined. Speaking to the untainted child in each of us, a pristine purity of goodness emanates and reverberates, reminding us to acknowledge and appreciate the simple beauty and happiness available in life, without being too saccharine or effeminate. Their music" lyrically and melodically" skillfully displays a wisdom and presence of self that belies their youth" or maybe because of their youth. Inspired and inspiring, this is fun, feel good music.

More metaphoric than literal, their songs poetically denote a kind of joyful and sublime spiritual experience, evoking a romantic sense and profound imagery of a magical, fairy tale dream world. But it would be an error to interpret this fancifulness as meaning they are frivolous or enigmatic. Eisley reveals, and revels in, a luminous thoughtfulness and intelligence that goes beyond the philosophical and intellectual.

Comprised of members from the DuPree family in Tyler Texas, the band consists of siblings Sherry, Stacy, Chauntelle, Weston, and their cousin Garron (recently amicably replacing friend Jon Wilson on the roster). I`ve been a fan of their music since before they became famous, discovering them in 2004, although they began playing "unprofessionally" 1998-ish. Their first full album, called Room Noises, was released February 2005, quickly achieving widespread recognition and acclaim, while they performed as an opening act for other major bands. Eisley headlined their own world tour in 2006, with typically sold out concerts.

They are currently in the final stages of completing their second album, due out early 2007, soon followed by another tour. Preview response to the new album is all manner of positive. According to the siblings` father, everyone involved is quite pleased and excited about the final product of this project, including-- it seems-- WB (their record label), who continues to be very supportive. Details are being kept discreet and confidential, to prolong the suspense as much as possible, until they are ready to unveil, so as to not spoil the surprise. We may expect more of the same Eisleyness fans know and love, but slightly different as they experiment, expand and evolve. Like all their fans do, I await in eager anticipation for the next grand adventure in musical sounds.