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Published:December 3rd, 2006 07:44 EST
Denise Kaminsky with Eve Blaack of Hacker's Source Magazine

Denise Kaminsky with Eve Blaack of Hacker's Source Magazine

By Denise Kaminsky

Eve Blaack became interested in doing "The Hacker`s Source" by accident or fate, she credits both.  She discovered the Internet along with a horror chat room and quickly became a regular there. She then organized around 60 members of the chat room into playing an online game called "Horror Hacker" which was done through email and they had a blast. A few of the members helped with the writing who Eve noticed were very talented.

She then organized a group of writers and turned their fun into a fiction newsletter that was sent out to whoever subscribed to it. Then a website was produced by Anthony Pepe of Demonic Pumpkin FX out of NYC. Soon after the site was developed, the first version of "The Hackers`s Source"  was born. The name originated from taking "Hacker" from the game that started it all and Source from all the members who were all genuine horror fans.

"The Hacker`s Source" has been in print since their first run in June 2000 and is designed to help the newcomer in the genre bring information along with some great reading and to be a stepping stone for new writers, first time actors/actresses and directors.

Blaack found interest in the horror genre as a child. She used to rush home from school to watch "Dark Shadows" and her love for the genre grew from there. She watched every horror film/TV show that she could. Today she carries a soft spot for Lon Chaney Jr.`s "The Wolfman" , her first horror film. She now resides in a suburb of Houston, Texas with her husband of twenty-eight years, and is a full time Montessori teacher. For More Information: