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Published:December 7th, 2006 14:24 EST
One on one with Dane Cook

One on one with Dane Cook

By Jessica Baird


Setting records is nothing new for MySpace`s favorite comedian Dane Cook. After spreading his infectious energy to live audiences across the world, and becoming a part of many twenty-something`s everyday vocabulary, Cook is ready to add another skill to his resume-romantic leading man.

Star of the comedy Employee of the Month, " opening Oct. 6th, Cook said fans will be surprised with the outcome of their favorite storyteller`s departure to the big screen.

I`m normally tenacious and a ringleader on stage, " Cook said during a recent phone interview.

You`re going to dig the film, and see a more subtle side. "

The film co-stars Dax Sheppard of Punk`d " fame as Cook`s co-worker and rival in wooing Amy, played by Jessica Simpson, a girl that is known for only dating employee`s of the month.

Although Cook has had featured roles in the past, most recently in the film Waiting, " he has had multiple offers within the past several years for all sorts of films. Employee of the Month, " however is an example of all the necessary elements falling into place, according to Cook.

I wanted to wait for the perfect time because I always had stand up to fall back on, " Cook said.

And thanks to Cook`s ever-expanding audience (over 1.5 million MySpace friends and counting) his stand up career has become quite a job to fall back on. "

What started as a dream in junior high, thanks to classic comics such as Bill Cosby, Eddie Murphy and Steve Martin, has since grown into Cook`s very own empire known as Su-Fi entertainment.  

Aside from stand-up, Cook has released two comedy albums, had two gigs as host of Saturday Night Live, starred in his own HBO comedy special Vicious Circle, " and invited HBO`s cameras along for a sold out, stand-up road trip known as Tourgasm. "

I`ve had the luxury of dipping my toe into other fashions of media, " Cook said. 

This self-described luxury is well-deserved thanks to 16 years as a stand-up comic with an unwavering dedication to reaching his initial goal-having a comedy album sit amongst his heroes at Tower Records.

I used to go to Tower and check if someone had taped one of my shows, " he said.

Although Cook might not have seen his cassette on the shelf when he was younger, his two albums, Harmful if Swallowed " and Retaliation " have since revived the comedy album selling nearly two million copies combined.

The albums, comedy specials and praises in magazine after magazine, including a spot on Time magazine`s 100 most influential people list this year, would never have been possible, Cook said, without his tried and true " fans and his family`s support.

Before he became a household name, or more likely a dorm room and fraternity house name, Cook helped cultivate his fan base by eliminating the wall between performer and audience.

All I could do, " he said, Is find people that were into silly thoughts and crazy situations that have happened in my life. "

 Fans became friends thanks to Cook`s dedication to reading every email and answering every instant message. His Web site and MySpace profile is updated often enough to satisfy even the biggest diehards.

Whether a new fan or a self-proclaimed tried and true, " Cook wants you for the Su-Fi army.

I`m trying to have a great time from day to day and I hope people stay on the ride with me. "

  Employee of the Month " opens Oct. 6th and for more information log on to