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Published:December 28th, 2006 11:12 EST
UGGs Are Back and Everlasting!

UGGs Are Back and Everlasting!

By SOP newswire2

Ladies and gentlemen, just when we prepare ourselves for a sweet goodbye to an old friend, trends come back again and slaps us fashion mavens with surprise.  Just when I thought I would finally see the time in history every designer from Milan to Tokyo has been silently praying for, celebrities have to go and turn the tides once more.  Yes sir, you guessed it: UGGs are back.  Oh God, are they back.  Again. 

Talk about resilient " the fashion trend is known for its made-to-last sheepskin interior that offers an extra plush instep.  Who would have thought that here was a fad durable inside and out?  

Now I must admit before going any further: I own UGGs.  They are, I believe, real and not polyester as ABC may have me wonder.  Even though they make my feet look like two surfboards sticking out under my jeans, they`re the sane choice for warm feet, and good friends for soles tired of prancing around last night in heels.  

But if you`ve peered closely to anyone who has carried over this trend from last year to the next, you`ll notice most UGGs should have been pitched within the first month.  Even with the proper suede protector, dirt clings to them as if they were sole-mates.  And most one`s I`ve spotted lately have more wrinkles than those forty-some collagen-injected, Juicy-Couture-terry-cloth-covered, way-too-much-makeup-thinks-she-looks-like-she`s-twenty women running around. 

From the West Coast all the way to the muddy and wet streets of Chicago (where suede and ice, sorry to say, will never coexist peacefully), UGGs appeared on the feet of males and females everywhere.  Sure, they`re comfortable and downright warm, but the craze got a little, well, crazy when people started imaging them with every outfit possible.  All of a sudden, they were stuffed into pajama pants, worn over jeans, and, in an outfit, I hope not to see unless stranded in a trailer park somewhere south of Tennessee, with the popular mini denim skirt and trucker hat.  Gee, how creative we are.  

A sigh of relief came from me the other day when scurrying through Nordstrom`s Rack (don`t laugh, it`s a fashion Mecca for us tightwads), as I saw various odd-colored UGGs slung unceremoniously in the sale section.  You know that when Nordstrom`s Rack puts something on sale, it`s a sign that it`s going, going, way gone.  It`s about time!  Doesn`t anyone remember what a good laugh we had when UGGs first came on the market?   Fashion magazines and designers everywhere wrinkled their noses in disgust at the funny boat-boot.  Then, next year rolled around, and we finally threw up our hands and gave in.  

Sometimes, apparently, even fashion goes for comfort.  And it`s becoming apparent to style mavens such as myself that UGG was not about to kick up its heels.   Therefore, I suppose I shouldn`t be surprised when UGG Australia auctioned off hot-pink and Swarovski crystallized boots at this year`s UGG Australia`s Art and Sole charitable foundation.  The boots were hand-painted by celebrities such as Jessica Simpson, Cindy Crawford, or Kelly Ripa, and turned back a hefty profit for charity, topping at over $3,000 a pair.  The proceeds from the online two-week auction will go to Saint Jude Children`s Research Hospital, benefiting children everywhere with life-threatening illnesses such as cancer. 

Who knows?  Maybe in lieu with the spring runway`s bright colors, even commoners will be sporting chic paint-splashed UGGs.  God help us.  But, thanks to a little " charitable donation by certain celeb-crazed sheepskin shoppers, it looks like help is on the way already. 

For more information on UGG Australia`s Art and Sole, visit their website at

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