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Published:December 30th, 2006 07:36 EST
Chating with Michael Todd Schneider on Maggot Films

Chating with Michael Todd Schneider on Maggot Films

By Denise Kaminsky

Maggot films began in 2003. They officially launched magGot films in the first issue of "The Meat Socket" CD-ROM magazine. "We also premiered an "Opening the Mind" promotional short film in that first issue. Hell, now we have an ongoing short film series entitled "magGot corner" that is featured in "The Meat Socket".

Michael's Uncle had a lot to do with his interest in special effects. Ever since childhood, he and his Uncle watched monster and Kung Fu movies together. Michael realized he wanted to be an FX artist and he considered Tom Savini's Bizarro (aka: Grand Illusions) to be his bible since kindergarten. He always wanted to be that guy who made the monsters. At twelve years old, he received his first 8mm video camera and quickly began making movies. His idea was to showcase some effects in these little movies to show his work so that producers could see that the illusions he put together worked. The entire film making process became an obsession and there's probably nothing he has not done since.

It wasn't until the short film, "A Tribute to Sanity" was made when Michael decided to seriously pursue directing and not just FX.

In the short "A Tribute to Sanity." He figured that it would be easier to shoot two thirds of a feature rather than an entirely new one, then thought how about getting Alan Rowe Kelly (I'll Bury You Tomorrow, The Bloodshed) and Tyler Tharpe (Freak, Return in Red) involved. Throwing the idea of doing an anthology at them was an idea they loved. Originally Michael was going to use his film "A Tribute to Sanity" to help them make their films. They were both happy about the idea and they just ran with it.

"Hung by a Thread" is a little junk store that offers up many weird horrific oddities. There's some strange connection with the store and the three stories that they have to tell.

Michael's favorite directors are David Lynch and David Cronenberg. He is working on his next project, which is titled "Opening the Mind" along with helping Eric James finish "Chrome Baby".

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