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Published:January 10th, 2007 07:15 EST
Interview with actor Mike Lane about the film Fear of the Dark

Interview with actor Mike Lane about the film Fear of the Dark

By Denise Kaminsky

“Fear of the Dark” and the role he plays in it.

“Fear of the Dark” was originally released independently in 2001 by Light and Dark Productions. The movie was distributed in 2006 by Brain Damage Films. I play the supporting role of Michael Jacobs the boyfriend of Alice, who is a women trying to come to grips with her parent’s murder by a serial killer 20 years earlier. Her already fragile mental state really begins to become unhinged after murders start happening again. The killer, dubbed the “Black Rose Killer,” was never caught so Alice tries to figure out what is going on while her life is unraveling.

Michael and Alice’s relationship is not going so well from the beginning and just gets worse as the movie progresses. The character of Karen, who is Alice’s best friend, tries to support her through this rough time.

Rounding out the main cast is Dr. Fisher, the Dr. Loomis of Light and Dark. He is Alice’s psychiatrist and definitely has his hands full.

These characters are instrumental in the movie’s combination of a who done it murder mystery and very gory slasher film. Light and Dark always stresses a good story first which can then be enhanced by blood and nudity.

What did you enjoy most about being in this film?

This was my first major role so I was very excited having a good size part. I had been acting seriously for about six months when I auditioned and landed the role. It was also my first collaboration with Glen Baisley and I’m happy to say we still work together. I owe Glen a ton and would definitely be a lot less visible if it wasn’t for him.

Did you find the role to be very challenging and if so what was the challenge?

Some of the dramatic parts were challenging since, back then, I naturally took to comedy a lot better. I’m glad to say I’m very comfortable with drama as well as comedy now.

Do you have a date as to when the film will be released?

The movie was released independently in October 2001 and re-released October 2006.

You can go to to see where it’s available for purchase and/or rent.

There are also new scenes, a commentary at: and plenty of extras for instance “The World of Light and Dark”, “Extended Scenes and Deleted Scenes”, and the movie’s trailer.

It’s a loaded DVD which is the Light and Dark standard. We always joke, “Hey if you don’t like the movie, you’ll love the extras.”  

It’s also a good glimpse on what it takes to make a low budget independent movie.

The original version won a Merit Award for "Storytelling in a Narrative Feature" at the 2001 Putnam County Film and Video Festival. 

What location in New York was the film shot?

We shot in Dutchess, Putnam, Rockland and Westchester counties in New York. My fondest memories of those locations were a huge weeping willow in Pleasantville and the Lookout Point scenes near Bear Mountain.

Mike has been interested in acting since he was a youngster. He used to make his own movies with his parent's VHS camera and acted a few times in classroom skits at school He pursued acting seriously after he graduated college. 

To read more about Mike’s acting career go to:

Thanks for the interview Denise and thanks to everyone who took the time to read this.

You are very welcome Mike.