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Published:January 12th, 2007 06:40 EST
Clerks 2 DVD Review - Gets 10 stars

Clerks 2 DVD Review - Gets 10 stars

By Michael Bergeron

Clerks 2 is the sequel to the independent film produced by Kevin Smith, and is the story of Dante Hicks, Randall Graves, and the ever famous, Jay and Silent Bob.  The story begins as Dante and Randall are in their early 30`s and after their previous place of employment burns down, they are reduced to working at a fictional fast food restaurant.  The story then takes place as Dante is about to move to Florida with his fiancée, leaving behind his best friend, and his dead end job of flipping burgers.  What happens next are the hilarious antics and situations brought on by an all-too funny cast, during Dante`s last day of work.

This movie is low key on visual effects, taking pride in the fact that this laugh your head off " comedy was able to be done almost entirely in the setting of a greasy fast food restaurant.  The sound effects used during the movie, provide a realistic atmosphere of what you might expect to hear at a fast food restaurant.  Audio and subtitles are restricted to English and Spanish, but with such a great movie like Clerks 2, viewers won`t be too worried about how many languages they can hear and read Lord of the Rings jokes in.

The 2-disc extra content provides a good look into the making of the movie, extra scenes, and commentary with the creators.  I give Clerks 2, 10 homo-erotic hobbit jokes, out of 10, and a strong warning to anyone offended by sexual humor and dirty jokes.