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Published:January 13th, 2007 06:57 EST
Chating with Terry West, Author and Filmmaker

Chating with Terry West, Author and Filmmaker

By Denise Kaminsky

Filmmaker Terry West has been a professional author and filmmaker for about a decade. He was a drama major in college and appeared in films usually out of practicality.  If an actor didn’t show up, Terry would jump right in there.

Terry, nice to talk with you today, tell me about your latest project and what you are working on now?

At the moment, I am waiting on a bunch of stuff that is currently in post. I was a producer on Ted Bohus' Hell On Earth. I am an executive producer on Plausible Denial's HELLVOLUTION,

And, of course, I have been in two of Alan Rowe Kelly's newest productions.

What other films have you had acting roles in?

I have been in a ton of stuff, actually. I was in a lot of my own films: Blood for the Muse, Witchbabe, Sexy 6th Sense, Satan's School for Lust, Lord of the G-Strings, Vampire and Queen (with the great Debbie Rochon).  I was also in Playmate of the Apes, Skin Crawl and Spiderbabe. I was the lead in Joe Monk's THE BUNKER. That film has a lot of press because of the fact that Joe seems to be the world's first blind director. I also have a brief cameo in Ted Bohus' Hell On Earth and I was a featured lead in Alan Rowe Kelly's THE BLOOD SHED and his HUNG BY A THREAD segment, A FAR CRY FROM HOME.

Tell me about your most challenging role and why it was such a challenge?

Well, THE BUNKER was tough, because I played a sadistic kidnapper torturing a hapless teen girl. However, I think Preacher Man in Alan’s; A FAR CRY FROM HOME was harsh. I play a backwoods fire and brimstone preacher who hunts a gay couple. I am the most tolerant person in the world, so that was tough, but I am very happy with it.

Who would you consider to be your favorite character in The Blood Shed?

Man, I honestly can't say, because everyone was so good. I guess I have to go with Beefteena. Alan was brilliant and he is as good an actor as he is a director.

Do you have a website (s) where my readers can read more about you?

Yes, go to:   

Thanks Terry for a great interview.