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Published:January 24th, 2007 16:21 EST
Amanda Carver sits down with Judyth Piazza to talk about Krampus the Movie

Amanda Carver sits down with Judyth Piazza to talk about Krampus the Movie

By Nancy Lee Wolfe (HR Development/Content Manager)

Hi Amanda, it’s a pleasure to have you on the show. 

Thank you, Judyth.  It’s a pleasure to be here. 

Well, you’ve been doing some amazing things.  Tell us a little bit about Amanda. 

Amanda’s busy.  Busy, busy, busy.  Between work and full-time school and, now with the movie and children, I don’t know where I am half the time and having a great time doing it. 

Well, tell us about this new movie, Krampus. 

Well, we’re really excited about it.  We’ve got some amazing people on board – including yourself and Hillary – we’ve got Brad Milne and his daughter, Alana---- we’ve got Chuck Lamb, Lee Vervoort – just so many talented people have kind of just jumped on board.  We’re really excited to get going. 

It all started from my maternal grandmother who is from Austria.  She passed the legend of this creature down to us.  It’s a big part of their culture.  It used to terrify me, when I was a child.  And now that my children are kind of the age to participate, I saw how, you know, scared they get – I thought, “You know, that would make a really, really good movie.”  (laughing) 

So, we just started kind of writing some things down and it’s just blossomed.  It’s already surpassed our expectations a thousand times and we’re ready to get going and start filming and see what happens with it. 

Tell me about the process that you’ve gone through with this project so far. 

Well, it all started – umm – I used to be pretty jaded as far as – like, “Ugh, that’s for 14 year old girls and, you know, adults shouldn’t have any part of it; we need to be at work doing something productive” – and a friend of my talked me into setting up a page so I did and – like, I think, half of the planet, I became addicted. 

And, I just sent a random message to Brad Milne saying, “Oh, your work is amazing; really like everything that you’ve done.” 

We had kind of started discussing the script, you know, if very, very small stages and I just said, “It would be great to have you involved in a movie.”  And he messaged me back and said, “Hey, yeah, that’s great,” you know, “send me what you’ve got and we’ll go from there.”  And I believe that was back in September. 

And, you know, now here we are in January, we have him on board, we have an extremely talented cast that’s on board and ready to go; I think we’re six rewrites into it and it’s just blossomed all thanks to that. 

Well I’m very excited about it and my daughter, Hillary, is just ecstatic.  

Oh, I’m so glad; we can’t wait to meet you.  We could be ready to film tomorrow, let’s just go. 

Well, tell us about you.  How did you get involved with scriptwriting? 

Truthfully, it really kind of fell into my lap.  I hooked up with The SOP through Brad.  I had seen an interview that you had done with him because I was following his work.  And then when you sent the message out saying, you know, “we want writers” I thought, well, you know, I’ve always enjoyed writing, I love to read.  It’s always been a big part of my life but I’ve never considered myself a Writer. 

So, I just kind of dove into it head-first and thought, “Let’s see what we can do.”  And, that’s essentially what I did with the script.  I just thought, well, you know, I’ll give it a shot.  I think I can write Okay; and, really, when I started writing the script I think I was just doing it mainly for myself.  I don’t think, at that point, I ever thought that anybody else would ever see it.  And it just kind of took off -- and, I’m loving it.  I mean, I could do this for the rest of my life.  No problem.  

(laughing) Well you are a very talented writer.  I saw that from the first piece that you wrote for us. 

Oh, thank you very much. 

Who are some of your mentors who have helped you along the way? 

Well, I would have to say Brad Milne.  Definitely.  He’s been an incredible asset to the entire process.  You know, I don’t have a lot of film making experience.  He’s pretty much just held our hand and walked us through it from the beginning.  I don’t think we would have gotten this far without his help. 

Then, I have to say: You. (laughing)  Definitely.  Doing some writing for the SOP; and seeing what you’ve done and all of your interviews and just the amazing journalist you are – I mean, that’s just really been an inspiration to me – keep plugging. 

Well, I’m so glad that I met you. 

Me, too.  I can’t wait to work together.  It’s going to be so fun. 

What key quality do you believe that all successful people share? 

I would have to say tenacity.  You know, I don’t really think that I have a lot of self-confidence.  Definitely, I’m extremely shy.  I doubt myself constantly; and, I think that happens to a lot of people.  I mean, even if they come across as being extremely successful individuals, they surely have those moments when they stop and begin to doubt themselves. 

But I think it’s just a matter of you just keep trying.  And if you go one avenue and it doesn’t work out, then you just get back on the horse and keep going. 

Also, really the support from your family and friends is just critical.  If you don’t have that in anything in the entertainment industry – your writing, acting, you know, a songwriter, it doesn’t matter – if you don’t have support in at least one area, you’ll talk yourself out of it.   

I think a lot of people do talk themselves out of it – or somebody around them talks them out of it – and it’s so sad to see that happen. 

What is something that someone has said to you that you always remember to pass on to others? 

Probably the thing that I keep closest to my heart just as we go through this – you know, personally, also – um – it’s just really, you know, passed down from my parents, you know, one of those little childhood lessons that we all get and it’s just “Treat other people the way you would like to be treated.” 

I’ve really seen from my limited exposure to this business that it’s so cut-throat and it’s so dirty.  And people really, you know, they begin a project and then they get to a certain level and they start to cut people out and they, you know, use people, kind of like rungs on a ladder to get somewhere.  I mean that’s just horrible.  I just can’t see doing that. 

Brad Milne had even commented that what we have here with Krampus is actually something special.  I mean, we haven’t even filmed yet but we have such a tight bond with everybody involved.  It’s kind of like, ah – it’s a group effort at this point.  It’s like we’ll either all make it together or it just won’t happen.  But, you know, there’s not going to be any cutting anybody on the way. Because, I mean, it’s just going to come back on you – it’s all about Karma. 

(laughing) Who is producing and directing the movie? 

Producing will be myself and Marcus Slaughter and Sarah Hargrave.  We have extended a producer credit to Brad Milne and he’s thinking it over.  He’s not really sure if he wants to take on that and the male lead.  But we hope to have an answer about that soon – you know, whatever works best for the group on the whole.  And Christian Cisneros, a film maker from Austin, will be directing. 

Well, it sounds like we have a great cast, don’t we? 

We have an amazing cast.  When we first started, we talked about, you know, “Hey, we might make this little movie.”  And we spent a lot of time sitting around deciding how we were going to build sets on our own – out on our ranch (laughing) you know, like have neighbors and husbands come out and fill certain parts and, you know, pretty much just to do it for our own amusement. 

And it got a life of its own and took off and it’s branched out and grown and we have such an amazing cast already.  I can’t wait to see how it all comes together on screen. I think it’s going to be very impressive. 

Tell our listeners a little bit about the movie. 

Well, the movie takes place – it begins in America – we have a thirty-something-year-old woman that has recently married a man who has two teenage children – there’s a lot of family drama – you know, he loves her with a passion and she loves him – but the children, however, are not so accepting. 

They’re a little bitter; they really don’t want her around – they see her as trying to replace their mother.  So, she has kind of a tough time there at home. 

She actually is from Austria originally and her family was killed when she was about 3 or 4 and she was adopted to an American couple and that’s why she’s here.  But she’s just plagued by with these horrible nightmares.  She doesn’t understand them; she doesn’t know why; she has very little memory of any of her family from back in Austria.  It really becomes an issue with her. 

So, to help her out, her new husband decides, you know, risking the children’s fury to go ahead and take her back to her homeland, let her talk to some of the people and see if, perhaps, she can get any answers.  You know, just kind of find peace with her past and with who she is now.  Thinking that that will help. 

When they get there they discover that there’s actually a creature in Austria called the Krampus and he has some unfinished business with her 

And he traditionally does go after children and she has to kind of step in and save the day; and, you know, at the end of the day, the family has really kind of, you know, found their place and come together and she’s proved to the children what she needs to do and they are a little more accepting of her and – it’s just really scary all the way through. 

(laughing) Tell our listeners how they can find out more about you and the movie. 

They can go to We also have an amazing My Space page that we’ve been so lucky to ask so many friends to – and that’s just at 

And we are always looking for new friends and if you go to the website there is an area where you can sign the Guest Book, you can sign up for Newsletters to get updates as things happen.  And we’ve got a lot of stuff for the movie in development right now so we hope to be sending out updates and just keeping everybody kind of up-to-date on what’s going on and all the good stuff as it happens. 

Amanda, it’s been a pleasure to have you on the show and I hope that you’ll come back. 

I certainly will.

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