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Published:February 6th, 2007 21:21 EST
Hollywood Available on Tehran Streets

Hollywood Available on Tehran Streets

By Suren Hossein

“Departed”, “Silent Hill”, “Mean Girls”. These films are advertised by pedlars in Tehran streets. While new American films are showing in US cinemas, Iranians can already see them on DVD. Copy right law is not regarded in Iran and we can see new American films, unfortunately. Iranian film producers complain about illegally selling their films, too.
Iranians are interested in American films and actors/actresses. Any young Iranian knows Mat Damon, Leonardo deCaprio, Nicole Kidman , Keira Knightley and etc.

When I was a child, my daddy took me to the cinema to see American films like The Good, The Bad, The Ugly or To Kill a Mockingbird. My daddy remembers John Wayne and Sean Connery as heroes in his youth.

State-run TV presents American film as support by spectators. For example, we have seen Pirates of the Caribbean  2 recently. Fajr Festival Film is running  now in Tehran, and some American films compete with them. So many film magazines publish in the middle east countries and  talk about film everywhere. They(we) enjoy a film mania-- specially American films.

Sean Penn came to Iran last year and was welcomed by Iran Art Society and the public. The U-turn and 21 Grams actor saw art museums and experienced Peresian’s enthusiasm.

Puya, an Iranian pedlar, said: “People ask me about classic films and order to find them . Jennifer Lopez and Monica Bellucci  films are so favorite, too “.

Iranian spectators would really like to watch American films in the cinema, but national support for domestic filmmakers prohibit screening foreign films in cinema.

As a matter of fact, Iranians like all cinema and prefer to see American made films... not just Middle Eastern ones. French and English filmmakers are not limited to Iranian taste, and present different culture. I ask myself why we are interested in American films. Maybe American taste is like Iranian taste?