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Published:February 7th, 2007 14:01 EST
Speaking with director Christian Varley on An American Cyborg

Speaking with director Christian Varley on An American Cyborg

By Denise Kaminsky

Speaking with director Christian Varley on “An American Cyborg”...

Premise: During the 2001 holiday season in NYC, the 911 recovery efforts are in place and the citizens are still suffering the after shock of this terrorism.

The Mayor has encouraged lower Manhattan Arts organizations to promote projects to bring the general public back downtown, and so birthed the Tribeca Film Festival for 2002.

Peter Williams (Carson Grant), esteemed concert violinist/conductor at Lincoln Center, has organized a concert for the victims’ families.

On the morning of the concert, Peter’s two daughters from his first marriage (Alyxx Morgen) are dropped off at their home.

Peter’s mid-life crisis second marriage is a sham and his second wife (Diana Quinn) had a previous rendezvous with her new gangster boyfriend (Nick Damici) to plan Peter’s murder.

The long spouse-bickering drive to death ends with Peter being shot and left as road kill.

Peter’s dead body is discovered by a scientist and after a series of operations is re-energized into a computerized human cyborg, "An American Cyborg"

As Peter heals, his memory starts to return and the traumatic images of betrayal unfold.

With his new bionic strength, Peter sets out to avenge his murder and capture his killers.

With justice in place, Peter reunites with his first wife and daughters, and a positive life of helping others with his new powers.

In this sci-fi Thriller, "An American Cyborg", reality and betrayal are at opposite ends of a love affair. Peter Williams a concert violinist is left for dead, after being betrayed by his second wife Alicia Williams. His body is discovered by a scientist who essentially saves and rebuilds him.


Where was the film location?

We shot in several locations upstate N.Y, Westchester, Manhattan and in a sound studio.

How did you create the idea for this particular film? 

The idea sprung when I was in a shopping mall and saw all this new technology. I envisioned a man coming down an escalator playing a violin, then added the theme of betrayal.

What do you look for in a character?

I look for emotion, truth and what pushes the story forward. I add what and who’s needed.

How did you become a director?

I began directing when I attended college at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan.

I also am an actor (SAG/AEA) and am busy writing a new script.

Who is the main character and what  role do they play?

The main character is Peter Williams played by Carson Grant, a true veteran actor of the silver screen and has done hundreds of films. Nick Damici plays the gangster (from ‘In The Cut’ and ‘World Trade Center’). Allyxx Morgan the nice first wife, and Diane Quinn is the double-crossing second wife, and there are many more wonderful characters.

When will the film be completed and released?

The film is being re-edited and scored, and will be released within 2007.

Thanks Christian for wonderful interview and best of luck to you.