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Published:March 14th, 2007 16:24 EST
The Creatures of Crystal Lake Tour Presented by Krampus the Movie

The Creatures of Crystal Lake Tour Presented by Krampus the Movie

By Amanda Carver

Krampus the Movie to present the Creatures of Crystal Lake Tour featuring First Jason and FREAK13. A forthcoming horror movie works out business arrangement with heavy metal bands.

Fans of horror, heavy metal and punk will get a two-fisted dose of those combustive elements this summer as Krampus; the Movie presents the “Creatures of Crystal Lake Tour”.

This 10-city will blast through the South and Midwest and features the bands First Jason and FREAK13.

First Jason is fronted by Jason himself, Ari Lehman, the actor that portrayed the first incarnation of the legendary camp killer in the 1980 classic.

Playing a wild mix of punk and metal, the band deliver a killer set that reflects Lehman’s horror roots and takes fans on a journey to Crystal Lake.

”People are such big fans of the Jason character and this is my way of embracing that and celebrating it in a twisted, but fun musical setting,” said Lehman who handles vocal and keyboard duties.

First Jason have thrilled audiences at horror conventions in the Midwest and have created a dedicated fan base with songs “Red, Red, Red,” “You Better Run” and “Sink or Swim”.

FREAK13 are as legendary horror television host Joe Bob Briggs said, “...the only band to combine serious horror and serious metal”.

Based in the swamps of southeast Texas, they have their own link to the Friday the 13th franchise, having played the official 25th anniversary celebration in Hollywood (Necrocomicon) and recorded a rendition of their number 1 Internet metal chart hit “Crystal Lake” with Betsy Palmer, the actress who portrayed Jason’s mom “Pamela Voorhees”.

”Betsy has become a friend of the band and provided an awesome narration for the song that just took it to an entirely new level. It was such an honor working with her,” said FREAK13 bassist/vocalist Chester Moore.

Moore also said that having Krampus, the Movie and its affiliate Twister Mouse Entertainment, LLC sponsoring the tour will not only allow the bands to bring a real horror rock show to the fans, but also that is a perfect business partnership.

”Having a horror/metal/punk tour supported by a forthcoming horror film is a match made in heaven or perhaps elsewhere,” he said.

”A supporter of the band pointed us in the direction of Amanda Carver of Twister Mouse Entertainment who had this amazing concept for Krampus, I thought it would be great to tie them in with the tour and fortunately for everyone that’s how it worked out.”

For those curious as the meaning of “Krampus”, it is a twisted, dark Christmas time legend from Austria that is sure to scare the hell out of everyone once it hits the silver screen.

”I did a little research and found no other movie ever done on this legend and of course the creative juices started flowing. To be affiliated with a horror film is great, but to have a relationship with one that is treading pretty much new ground takes it to a new level and that is something we are always looking to do,” Moore said.

Other sponsors of the tour include Bump in the Night Productions who will provide props and stage wear for the tour and CLC Graphix who are currently in a licensing agreement with FREAK13 for merchandise.

”We are going to have an awesome stage set and merchandise for this. We will only accept the best and that’s exactly who we are involved with,” Moore said.

FREAK13 will be touring in support of their boxed set “Legacy of Horror” via Almas Records and First Jason will be promoting their first release. A portion of proceeds of merchandise sales and a soon to be announced joint First Jason/FREAK13 single will benefit “Children of the Night”, an organization that works to end childhood prostitution.

”If there’s one cause I think Jason can get behind its stopping child abuse of any kind, so we’re happy to do our part to raise awareness to this issue and raise some funding,” Lehman said.

The tour kicks off June 29 in Beaumont, TX and will end Friday July 13 in Chicago.

”This tour will be your chance not only to see some of the leaders in the underground horror rock movement but meet Jason himself, Ari Lehman, as he will be doing meet and greets at every show along with the bands,” said Ronnie Friend, A&R representative for Almas Records.

”Prepare yourself because the ‘Creatures of Crystal Lake’ might just be coming to your town.”

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