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Published:March 30th, 2007 07:00 EST
300 - A Movie to Ruin a Nation's History

300 - A Movie to Ruin a Nation's History

By Suren Hossein


American people are going to cinema these days to watch the unreal movie, 300 " whereas, Hollywood companies made One night with the King " last year which King Xerxes is shown as a just person in this film.
Based on historic sources, Xerxes let Persian Jew live in Persia (modern Iran) for 2,400 years thereafter.

At first, I should explain some matters about this film. Esther, King`s wife was a Persian Jewish woman originally named Hadassah. She was buried in Hamadan, Iran. We see Mordechai " Esther`s uncle- is promoted to Prince of Persia.  This is a firm reason of existence of democracy in this old country.

Of course, One night with the King " has some problems as well even though splendid scenes which attract each spectator. Xerxes is shown without a beard whereas; Persians had beards in ancient times. Petrography shows us the Iranian`s position but they are not shown real in this film.

Also, I have to explain about the banquet hall which is where the people keep company with the majesties. According to many historic books, I believe that the King did not associate with the vulgar as we see in One night with the King ".

Now, I have a question. Should we accept One night with the King " or "300" as a real story?

In "300", Xerxes is a fiend who massacre is his favorite act contrary to what you read in historic books.

Iranians lost and won wars during history but to me, as a neutral person, I have to say they were not bloodthirsty at all. Jews owe Cyrus the Great, the maternal grandfather of Xerxes because of showing mercy to them and how can you believe his grandchild killed Spartans so wildly?

Excuse me, but I can not believe "300" and WOULD RATHER imagine Xerxes in One night with the King ".