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Published:April 1st, 2007 09:17 EST
Bond's first assignment: Casino Royale, out on DVD

Bond's first assignment: Casino Royale, out on DVD

By Garrett Godwin

The stakes are high for James Bond in Casino Royale, now available on DVD.

Daniel Craig was a controversial choice for loyal Bond fans to portray Ian Fleming's dashing protagonist because he was blond.  But with his chisel face and good looks, he fits both the tuxedo and the role perfectly. 

In this adaptation, James Bond has received his "00" status after his first two kills are confirmed, proving that he does have a license to kill.  His latest assignment from England involves taking down a man who finances terrorism, leading him to a card game, where everything becomes on the line for him professionally ... and personally.

DVD, Casino Royale has extras included, "Bond Girls Are Forever" and the music video of the film's theme song.

What makes Casino Royale different from the other Bond movies is that this isn't the suave, sophisticated, womanizing, and super heroic 007 who likes martinis shaken, not stirred that we all know and love.  He relies on gadgets, but his instincts, wits, and fists to get the job done.  This James Bond is a little rougher around the edges as he is beaten up and knocked down, but still gets back up and keeps fighting.  He is much darker and intense, as he understands the super spy business.  However, most of all, this James Bond becomes human as he falls in love for the first time -- and gets his heart broken.

Ian Fleming's legendary character not only becomes 007, but also Bond: James Bond in Casino Royale, now available on DVD.