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Published:April 4th, 2007 06:31 EST
Rocky Balboa on DVD

Rocky Balboa on DVD

By Garrett Godwin

Go one last round with Sylvester Stallone as The Italian Stallion known as Rocky Balboa, now available on DVD.

As writer, director, and star, Stallone righted all the wrongs he has made in 1990's Rocky V, which made $40 million in the U.S. box office, less than the other previous installments.  However, more than that, he ended the beloved saga of this iconic champion the right way: his way.

Rocky Balboa finds the classic underdog running a restaurant in Philadelphia telling his glory days to his customers.  His soul mate, Adrian, died from cancer, and Rocky is estranged from his son Robert (Milo Ventimigila), who is desperate to escape his father's legendary shadow.  But the one thing that got Rocky going in his life right now is a budding relationship with little Marie from the original, who's all grown up and has a son of her own.

Mason "The Line" Dixon (Antonio Tarver) is the newest heavyweight champion of the world.  However, he is also cocky and arrogant, hated by the fans. 

When both he and Rocky watched ESPN of a virtual boxing match in which the Italian Stallion won in his prime, Dixon did not like it, but encourage Rocky to step into the ring again.  Despite the opinions such as being too old or being out of his mind, Rocky was determined than ever because in his heart, he was always fighting the impossible.  With the love, support, and help of Robert, brother-in-law Paulie (Burt Young), and new love Marie, Rocky must endure "blunt force trauma" for one final battle in the ring against Dixon.  However, also this battle will truly test their character.

On DVD, the movie has extras such as an audio commentary with the creator who not embodies Rocky, but is in fact Rocky is Sylvester Stallone.  In addition, there are deleted scenes and a surprise, altered ending. 

Rocky Balboa was a surprise hit with critics and audiences, grossing over $60 million in the U.S. box office.  This is because the Rocky series has always been about the testament of the human spirit throughout the odds and tribulations.  Another is that Rocky Balboa brought heroism back onto the big screen since the character's debut three decades ago.  It is also about believing in yourself and having the desire to pursue your dreams, but never forgetting who you are and where you came from.

Go the distance one last time with Rocky Balboa, now available on DVD.