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Published:April 19th, 2007 04:20 EST
Mutant X marks their spot on DVD

Mutant X marks their spot on DVD

By Garrett Godwin

A pioneer in genetics research, scientist Adam Kane was manipulating DNA to save human lives.  But something went wrong, as genes began to change, leading people to develop superhuman abilities. A concept from Ari Arad of Marvel Comics, Mutant X debuted in weekly syndication in the fall of 2001.  While being criticized as a rip-off of X-Men, what is different about Mutant X is that few knows about the existence of mutants.

After leaving the research corporation Genomex, Adam (John Shea) sets up the Mutant Underground, where mutants are given new identities and new lives.  But more than that, he becomes the leader of Mutant X, a team of reluctant heroes dedicated to helping mutants deal with their abilities.  The team consists of:

Shalimar Fox (Victoria Pratt): a Feral who is sleek and sensual with her feline abilities.  She is also protective of the people she loves.

Brennan Mulwray (Victor Webster): an Elemental who brings a certain spark as well as his street smarts to Mutant X.  But he is also the classic bad boy with a heart of gold who gone straight.

Jesse Kilmartin (Forbes March): a Molecular who can phase in and out, and is like a rock.  Very sensitive, he tries to see the good in people 

Emma DeLauro (Lauren Lee Smith): a young, beautiful Psionic who has the ability of empathy -- to feel others' emotions.

And there's Adam, who is not only their leader, but also their creator and father.

Mason Eckhart (Tom McCamus), Adam's former Genomex associate, is head of the Genomex Security Agency (GSA).  Their mission: to hunt down and capture New Mutants.

But only Mutant X stands in their way as they both fight to protect the safety of New Mutants and a world that doesn't even that they exist.

Available on DVD that features all 22 episodes from the first season with extras such as outtakes, promos, and audio commentaries from the cast and crew on important episodes:

"The Shock of the New": The first of a two-prater, in which Mutant X and Genomex are introduced.

"Fool for Love": Shalimar finds love with a mutant who works for Genomex as he tries to find a cure for his mutilation -- maybe even Shalimar's.

"Blood Ties": Jesse reunites with his long estranged father, who has a hidden agenda that involves Mutant X's latest mission. 

Episode highlights of the first year also includes "Altered Ego", in which Adam becomes the latest victim of a mutant with the ability to change the morality of others, and "Interface", in which Emma reunites with an old friend from high school who is also a GSA Agent.

The finale, "A Breed Apart", finds Mutant X's powers growing as they go up against their most dangerous enemy of all: seductive and sinister Gabriel Ashlocke (Michael Easton), the most powerful New Mutant of all, setting up the stage for season two.

Watch the battle between Genomex and Mutant X -- the classic war between good and evil -- in Mutant X: the Complete First Season, available on DVD