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Published:April 28th, 2007 14:41 EST
Hercules and Pop-Culture?  No Way!

Hercules and Pop-Culture? No Way!

By Peter Giordano

Connecting The Dots With Hercules And Pop-Culture...It`s True!

Every film seems to capture its audience in its own way.  Hercules has had an irrefutable influence on popular culture characters. Because of this, the legend of Hercules has been seen on television, in movies, comic books series, and even video games.  Each of these portrays Hercules in whichever way most suit`s the audience. Adding traces of personal culture to the Disney movie, Hercules helped those viewing it keep their interest as well as add a new variety to an originally known Greek legend.

Disney is known for adding cultural touches to its films and even using bits and pieces connected with other Disney movies. Although much of the Disney version of Hercules was altered, they were still able to keep characteristics of the original. However, many known aspects of popular culture of the 90`s were added which helped connect viewers with the film and also add humor.

In 1985, the first Air Jordan`s " were made and worn by the famous basketball star, Michael Jordan.  Each year since 1985, a new version of Air Jordan`s were produced.  In 1997, a new version was made on Hercules and labeled Air Herc`s. " Many were familiar with these shoes and those who are not may have still found it humorous when seeing these shoes throughout the film.

Zeusy, I`m home, " said by Hades, may in fact ring a bell to those familiar with the 1950`s hit television show that still airs on television today, I Love Lucy. " Not only older generations are familiar with this but, those who watch the hit television network for children, Nickelodeon " are also familiar with the line, Lucy, I`m home! "    

Gatorade " is also a commonly known sports drink known to re-hydrate and replenish the body. This of course means that Hercules needed to drink some form of Gatorade as well. However, Hercules has his own version of Gatorade which is called Herculade. " 

Everyone is also familiar with the Rocky Balboa films that have been around for many years. Believe it or not, Rocky was even portrayed in Hercules. Go the distance " is a song that was specifically made for this film and sung by Hercules.  While Hercules was singing this song, he was also preparing to be the hero and go all the way.  Much like Rocky, this phrase was quoted in the film and even had a very close meaning.  In boxing terms, go the distance " means to last all fifteen rounds.  Even though this song was made for the movie, it obvious where the creators got the idea from.  This song and phrase fit in very well with the scene that is taking place.  Unless one is extremely familiar with either boxing itself or the Rocky series, they may not even realize that the entire song was based around one of the most famous quotes from Rocky, Go the distance. " 

Although not all of the popular culture events represented in Hercules are extremely current to date, it still seems that the film is using a style of marketing.  Yes, many of the examples I have given are for entertainment use, however, other styles of entertainment could have been used. Marketing is used in many films when it comes to style and fashion.  Who knows, after children and adults viewed this film, it may have even sparked their interest to go out and get a pair of the latest Air Jordan`s or as Hercules`s would say, Air Herc`s. 

Who would think that there would be so many popular culture references in a so- called Greek film?  It seems to me that each time I watch Hercules I catch something else that somehow has to do with today`s popularity in one way or another. This is important with today`s films in order to capture the interest of those that are not familiar with the certain legends and culture.